World Fighting Federation "Redemption" is Cocked Locked and Loaded—Don't Blink

Todd Jackson@tjaxmmaSenior Analyst IOctober 14, 2010

Mixed Martial Arts has come a long way over the last seventeen years or so. The pinnacle of the sport is still the UFC, but much has changed under their rule of this sport of MMA.

As the sport has become more widely accepted, the business of MMA has become an option for those looking to capitalize on the momentum that has been created as the sport continues to grow.

Sadly, not every entity with the money, a cage, and where with all to stage an event are necessarily suited to do so. Simply put, there are many regional promotions looking to put on a show for fight fans, but not all are in the best frame of mind or position to do so.

It is with that in mind that it becomes a breath of fresh air to see the World Fighting Federation doing so well at the regional level. While many promoters have their heads solely in their wallets, promoters like Thom Ortiz and Al Fuentes of the WFF see the bigger picture.

Their hard work and the dedication they have to their fighters and fans has really set the tone for what is sure to be a promising long term involvement in the sport of MMA. The fighters rave about them as a team and an organization, and they pack the house with fans every time out.

Sounds like they are doing something right.

It is with great pleasure that Ortiz and Fuentes are bringing their fourth MMA event, Redemption, back to fight fans in the Tucson area. It is also with great pleasure that the Tucson MMA community is buzzing about what is in store for them this Saturday night at the Casino Del Sol.

Thom Ortiz is what many would call a master match maker. He is a man who not only studies the fighters he puts together, but he gets down in the trenches with them. It is not uncommon at all to hear about Ortiz training with names like Cain Velasquez, Ben Askren or Seth Bacynski.

Simply put, MMA is not his business, it is his life. And the fighters have a deep respect for him because of how he involves himself in the sport. He isn't using MMA, he lives it and it shows when he meticulously selects match ups for his cards.

A fight fan need look no further than the WFF’s most recent fight card for an example of the exciting fights Ortiz puts together. Out of 11 matchups on the Guerrero's De Tucson card, not one judge’s opinion was necessary.

That fight fans is a great night of fights, there are no two ways about it.

Again that is why Tucson MMA fans are foaming at the mouth and chomping at the bit to see how it all goes down Saturday as the WFF presents ten more fights, three of which are for WFF titles.

The first title fight of the night will take place between two WFF veterans Sammy Cuirdar of American Martial Arts Center and Benny Madrid of the Lion’s Den Scottsdale. They are both very exciting fan friendly fighters.

Local fans will remember them both for their former performances under the WFF banner. Now with the motivation of the WFF lightweight title on the line the anticipation of their upcoming performances has the local fight scene buzzing.

In the second title fight of the night former Ultimate Fighter cast member Lyle Steffens of Apex MMA will face Brendan Tierney of T-Fit Training for the WFF middleweight title.

Both of these guys are absolute beasts with a reputation for finishing fights as indicated by their combined totals of five (T)KO and five submission wins. Neither man has a decision win on their record.

When they hook them up, more than likely its lights out or tap snap or nap for one of them.

Finally in the main event, in what is sure to be an absolutely electrifying match up, WFF heavyweight champion Esteves Jones of Lee’s Boxing will defend his title against bitter rival George Castro of Boxing Inc..

There is a little history between these two as they have met inside the cage once before. Jones earned an exciting KO victory over Castro to win the WFF title. Castro having felt he wasn't 100 percent last time out immediately requested a rematch.

Jones and Thom Ortiz are obliging not only Castro but the fans and giving him the rematch he so dearly covets.

The first fight between these two was an absolute barn burner. With no desire to leave it in the judges hands and out point one another these two big fellas went to war. And we are talking all out nuclear war between two heavyweights with bad intentions.

Nothing was held back, no shelter given, and the bombs were unleashed, resulting in a first round victory for the champ and a crowd of fight fans in a frenzy over the tornado of punches they had just seen by both men.

Now, Saturday night, Jones and Castro II is on like donkey kong, and the Tucson fight community is frantic to see how it all goes down this time out.

At the end of the day three titles will have been put on the line, along with seven other stellar match ups on a card riddled with local fan favorites. From the outside looking in it may seem like just another regional event.

But to the trained eye it is obvious this is just another step on the road to becoming a force to be reckoned with for the World Fighting Federation. In this industry the options are many, but the top shelf quality productions are few.

Make no mistake about it, Thom Ortiz, Al Fuentes, and their WFF are the real deal. You may not know them today, but you will soon enough. As they continue to do as they have already done and put out stellar fight cards like this, there will be no denying them or the talent that competes under their WFF flag.

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