Past and Present WWE Stars That Remind Me Of The Characters of LOST! (Part 2)

The Jonathan CooneyyCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2010

Past and Present WWE Stars That Remind Me Of The Characters of LOST! (Part 2)

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    When inspiration strikes it is very simple.


    Here are some PAST AND PRESENT WWE stars that remind me of LOST Characters.

    Just a bit of fun and a change to the typical article here on Bleacher Report.

    Thanks for reading.

Richard Alpert Reminds Me Of... Paul Bearer

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    Both men are very experienced at what they do and it seems like they have been around for ever. They also have odd supernatural power.

Shannon Rutherford Reminds Me Of... Michelle McCool

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    Shannon is the popular, pretty blonde girl who was most likely captain of the cheer leading team.

    Sound like any current WWE Diva?

Mr Eko Reminds Me Of... Eziekel Jackson

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    Dangerous men who have proved in the past they are not a laughing matter. Both have very dark personalities and are build like an ox.

Tom Friendly Remind Me Of... Kevin Nash

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    Tall, well build men with grey hair who are always in the middle of the drama despite their age.

Daniel Faraday Reminds Me Of... Michael Cole

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    The socially-challenged nerd, who you would be mortified to be seen with in public.

Jin-Soo Kwon Reminds Me Of... The Great Khali

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    The Asian paranoid guy who cannot speak a word of English but has a dangerous temper.

Miles Straume (Kinda) Reminds Me Of... Randy Orton

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    Randy Orton seems to distance himself from other members of the rosters and Miles used to this too. Both men will go about their buissness quietly and are very hotheaded.

Kate Austen Reminds Me Of... Lita

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    A very sexy body and fantastic long hair, however, don't let the looks fool you. Both women are capable of shocking things and have proved that in the past.

Martin Keamy Reminds Me Of... Batista

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    Tough, dangerous men who pack one hell of a punch and it is a definite that you show full respect towards these individuals. Their ego's and selishness could be played against them though.