TNA Bound For Glory 2010 Predictions: Another Reign For The Wrestling Machine?

Michael MalnicofContributor IOctober 10, 2010

Hello Wrestling Fans! I know this is Odd seeing Me, a WWE Forever Guy writing 2 TNA Based Articles in 1 week but Hey, This Is what I have to do as a Pro Wrestling Journalist. I have to Cover a lot of Wrestling, not just WWE! 

On a Side Note, I would like to Apologize to All of My Readers who Watched the Flair/Foley Match last Thursday. I am Sorry that I publicized that Match and was very disappointed in both Ric Flair and Mick Foley for putting on such a Horrible Match and Horrendous Finish! While it Probably was Mostly TNA's Top Creative's Fault (Yes, that includes Hogan and Bishoff, those 2 Assholes!), I feel that Flair and Foley should take some of the blame. If I could, I would give back the Bronze Medal I got for that Article and the 700+ Readers their time reading My Article Back! Again, I am Sorry, especially to Mr Taylor and OC Crazy who where the Reason I Received the Bronze for 25+ Comments. Back to Tonite, Here are my Predictions for TNA's Wrestlemania!

Triple Threat for the Vacant TNA Title

Jeff Hardy vs Mr Anderson vs Kurt Angle

For Me this is a No Brainer. As Kurt resigned with TNA last week, there is NO Way that he could lose and retire. This is not WWE where they might do that and then Surprise us in some way. Also, as this is TNA's Wrestlemania and This is the Main Event, I see this match being the Match of the PPV with Jeff getting close to winning ina few times ,but missing a Swanton Bomb near the end allowing Angle to beat Him with an Angle Slam. Mr Anderson will make this match interesting, I don't see him really getting any chance to really win the match. So I see the Wrestling Machine getting his 12th World Title. Winner- Kurt Angle (12th World Title)

Monster's Ball Match

Rob Van Dam vs Abyss

I Thought that this could have been an Okay Storyline in the Beginning but TNA Had to RUIN IT with The Over the Top Attack on RVD. Really TNA, Fake Blood! Are you Trying to Kill Your Company! Also, There was so much FAKE Blood that if it was real, RVD would have Been DEAD! Now that I got that out of my System, Back to the Match. Seeing as How this Match is Abyss' Match similar to the Way Hell in a Cell is The Undertaker's match, I would be tempted to pick Abyss. However, seeing as how Abyss has been beaten is this match many times recently, I Pick RVD to win. Now I see how with THEYbeing revealed would tempt people to choose Abyss, I See RVD Beating Abyss with the 5 Star Frog Splash Through a Table and then They Beating the Holy Hell outta the Whole F'n Show afterwards. Winner- Rob Van Dam

Lethal Lockdown Match

Fortune vs EV2

Now I am Not a TNA Guy so bare with me as I have a Basic Understanding about how Lethal Lockdown Matches go about. Now Mick Foley will be in the outside corner of EV2 and Ric Flair will do the same for Fortune. From an outsider TNA view and just a Wresting Historian View (Not My Actual Writer's Title, but just sounds Cool) I Don't see any reason why EV2 would Win this match. You 've got a bunch of old Guys Past Their Primes (Some never had a Prime, Sorry Stevie) against the Young Future of TNA or AJ's Case, Mr. TNA. So, like things happened in WWE with ECW, I see Fortune winning this Match and EV2 eventually going the Way of the Dodo,(Hopefully This Time For REAL! Not including You Mick!). Perhaps Mr TNA Getting the Pinfall or that would be if TNA Creative had a Brain! Fortune Wins! Winners- Fortune

Sting, Kevin Nash, and The Pope vs Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe

Okay, Samoa Joe and The Pope are THE ONLY REASON TO WATCH THIS MATCH! TNA Fans, wake up and see that Sting Can NOT Wrestle full Time Anymore. He Needs to be Similar to  The Undertaker and only have 10 Matches or so A Year. However, Unlike The Undertaker, who can Still Put on 5 Star Matches with the Right Opponent, Sting Can't Do that Anymore! Sting is 51 Years Old and he is not Ric Flair in My Eyes. The Only Time I Want to see Sting Wrestle again is vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27 or 28! I See That Sting is THE Best Wrestler to come Out of WCW (A Real WCW Guy, Not Stone Cold or Undertaker who had short times there) and He Deserves all the Credit and Awards He Gets but He Is Near E! Don't Get Me started on Botch Kevin Nash or Double JJ! Nash has never Really Been Able to wrestle when NOT having Shawn Michaels or Sting as His Opponent and Well I Feel Double JJ is Very Overrated as he was a Mid Carder and Got World Titles because WCW Booking SUCKED and He Made his Own Comapany, Sorry My Opinion. Okay, TNA, It is a Disgrace what You Have Done with The Samoan Submission Machine (Great Nickname!) He should Be in the TNA World Title Match not in this Unholy Mess! Back to the Match, The Pope and Samoa Joe should be the Only Ones fighting At All times but we all know that won't Happen. If it even matters, I see uhm, Samoa Joe and Double JJ Winning this Match! Winners- Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett

TNA Tag Titles

Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me


Okay so After my Rant on TNA (Sorry Readers), This is gonna be short and sweet. I Like the Machine Guns, Their Promos are Hilarious and They Have deserved these Titles for a LONG Time and I Don't see where Generation Me came to be in this match but They Won't win. MCMG's are What WWE Needs in their Wasteland known as the WWE Tag Titles Division. The Only Team that Would Deserve to Beat MCMG for the Titles would Be Beer Money (As a Straight Edge guy, I Hate their Gimmick) and/or The Group of Fortune! Motor City Machine Guns Win Easily. 

Winners- Motor City Machine Guns (c)

X Division Title

Jay Lethal (c) vs Douglas Williams

Oh How the Tides are Turning! The Once #1 Secondary Title in the World has Fallen from its Pedestal! The WWE United States Title Now has that Place! Anyway, Jay Lethal is one of TNA's Best and when not doing Impersonations (He is good at them), he should be the TNA World Champ in a year or 2.  While this title has changed hands a few times in recent weeks, don't expect one here. If TNA is Smart and Wants to Fix the X Division, they will keep the Title On Lethal who Deserves it. I See Jay Lethal Retaining the X Division Title. Winner- Jay Lethal (c)

Four Corners Match for the TNA Knockouts Title


Angelina Love(c) vs Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne vs Tara

Special Guest Ref- Mickie James

For Me This Match got any attention due to Mickie James being the Special Ref. Mickie James is a Reason that I will continue to Pay Close Attention to iMPACT. Mickie James is the Biggest Mistake by WWE in the past few Years as she was their best Diva and My 2nd Favorite Diva Ever behind Trish Stratus. She Definately be the Adrenaline Shot that The Knockouts Division Needs and She Should be the Knockouts Champion by Years End. Back to the Match, I Don't Expect Anything Special from it then a normal TNA Knockouts Match which are similar to WWE Divas Matches but with more sexual tones, No Lawler being a 13 year old Perv Boy, and worse wrestling skills! Mickie has a Say in the outcome and I see Angelina Love Retaining and Feuding With Mickie! Winner- Angelina Love (c)

Tag Team Match

Eric Young and Orlando Jordan vs Ink inc.

I for one Hate Orlando Jordan's Bisexual Gimmick. Don't get me wrong, I am a Huge Supporter of Gay Rights and Equality and I don't Care what Jordan does in his personal time but the gimmick does not fit in a Wrestling Ring. Also, What the Hell Happened to Eric Young? I Remember the Pre Hogan/Bishoff Days (Great Days the Were!) he was the Global Champ and Leader of World Elite, But Now he has fallen to being a Midcarder's Tag Partner! What did he do to piss Hogan or Bishoff off! (Sorry for the Alliteration) I Like Ink's Huge Mohawks and Than Shannon Moore is a Great Crusierweight Wrestler but where are they going? They had an average feud with Team 3D (Don't worry I'll get to them) but now what? Just for the sake of Predictions, I see Ink inc Winning as Orlando Jordan might be gone by Jan 2011 and Eric Young Deserves something better and Ink inc are just an established Tag Team (At least by Todays Standards where Evan Bourne and Mark Henry are considered an established Team).

Winners- Ink inc.

Team 3D Big Announcement

I see Team 3D saying that they Want One More Chance at the TNA Tag Team Titles and are Willing to Put their 15 Year Careers On The Line! Dixie Comes Out and Says that at Turning Point 2010 It will Be Team 3D vs Motor City Machine Guns for the TNA Tag Team Titles in a Career vs Titles Match!

Well that's all from Me for Now Wrestling Fans! Also, Look out for some new Articles and Slide Shows from Me in the Next Few Months! Until Next Time Wrestling Fans! As Always any Feedback is Greatly Appreciated!