Time for Change: 5 Ways to Get Ratings Back and Appeal to Us, The WWE Universe

John R.Contributor ISeptember 30, 2010

After a huge drop in ratings this past Raw, many say that WWE should start panicking. I for one disagree. While they do need to do something, panicking hardly ever helps your situation. It has been said that there is no worries in the WWE offices but I bet the WWE Universe begs to differ. Over the past few months I have been keeping track of what the WWE has been doing with their story lines and young talent as I'm sure most of you bleachers in here have. I have looked through the articles and story lines around the web and have thought up some ideas. Some I know we'd all agree on and some that may be head scratchers.  Here are some of the few ideas I have in mind for the months to come.


Get Rid of Nexus

I ca't count the number of times I've read articles and have seen people say they have no idea what the purpose of this group is. They are supposed to be the 'Anti- Heroes' of the WWE but they get burried ever week by Cena. I mean, come on they have 5 guys and they keep losing to the same one guy. Even if it is Cena, they'll never be able to get over as the ultimate villains and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this. My prediction is that they'll lose at Hell in a Cell anyways so chances are they'll be done soon. My advice is to split the 4 who don't really have anything going on into 2 teams. Tarver & Otunga in one and Gabriel and Slater in another. Put them in the tag team competition and make use out of them! I would also go as far as to say make Gabriel and Slater's team face. Gabriel can get over well with the fans with his high flying style and moveset and Slater isn't really a convincing heel. They could even feud with their former stable mates to make it interesting. Just do something with them before they fade into the Raw roster background.


Bring back the Crusierweight Title

Some will disagree I know it but lets be realistic. WWE has loads of talent (mainly mid-carders) just floating around on both shows. There are way too many guys that don't have anything going on or are just being used in the wrong way. Guys that may be able ot get over with the fans like Evan Bourne, Yoshi Tatsu, JTG all deserve a chance in my opinion. This would give them a reason to be there, help them get over with the fans and could also bring some very interesting story lines to play. Vince is not too fond of small guys and this at least gives them a fighting chance in my eyes. we see the same guys week after week square off and for what? theres no story and no real reason as to what they are accomplishing. I'm not saying all non-title matches are pointless, just saying that everyone in some way or another should be involved in a feud/story. Also, it doesn't really make sense to me that Rey Mysterio can become World Heavyweight champion and beat guys like Taker, Kane and Big Show. There needs to be some sort of changes with that in my eyes. WWE, heres our solution.


More Tag Teams that make sense.

Anyone else sick of seeing two random guys pinned together and winning the Tag Team Championships? (No offense Rhodes & McIntyre). It's no secret that the tag division is dying and is in need of some good believable teams. The Hart look like they are gonna split and that doesn't exactly excite me. They seemed to be the only believable team along with the Uso's. I know there are the Dudebusters( hilarious name btw) and the Gatecrashers( wait, what?) but they are hardly ever in action or involved at all. After making Hawkins and Archer earn their jobs I would have liked to see them make  a bold statement by taking out a big name guy like Kane or Show to prove their worth. Now they seem to be jobbing an losing 2 minute matches with Big Show. All I want is for the WWE creative team to get, well CREATIVE! If your gonna put two random guys in a Tag team make them have a purpose. An example would be having Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury team up on Punk after being abused by him and having him treat them like crap. Make it believable. Teams like Mark Henry and Bourne just reall don't make sense to me. Now Bourne and Tatsu is more like it. Rhodes and McIntyre work but I don't really know how this is gonna last. Vince McMahon is said to have little confidence in Rhodes and with the Harts looking like they are about done it may be time to start thinking of what to do next.


Merge The Brands

Lots of bleachers in here aren't too fond of the idea but it may be one of the ways to make it interesting again. Look at we would could get from it. Very fresh, interesting feuds with new faces means more people will want to watch. I'd love to see CM Punk feud with Orton or Cena actually feud with someone he wont easily beat but I'll get to that in a minute.While it's true that there are lots of guys in the locker room, I think this just increases the chances for better feuds. The only real problem I see is some people wont get as much air time as they could. Isn't this already happening though? Where ae guys like R-Truth, Shad, Yoshi Tatsu, Zack Ryder, William Regal & Khali? Superstars? To be honest I see no real point in that show because It's only like what an hour long? Also they only have 4 matches at most and those matches usually include guys that people see on Smackdown or Raw that DO get air time like Swagger, Kingston, DiBiase etc. A brand merger would mean Unifying all of the titles and I don't see problem with this either. US & IC title should be merged and like I said before bring back the Crusierweight title and you'll have a very respectable amount of belts. It seems like the WWE is headed in this direction anyways with the Tag & Womens belts both being unified. There are also reports that Vince McMahon has long wanted to do this but WWE creative have said to wait until WM 27. This makes lots of sens to me as it will be on the grandest stage of them all.What better place to do it. Of course you'll have to have the top guys from both brands to square off  and that would be John Cena and The Undertaker. This brings me to my next and last solution.

Turn John Cena Heel

We were all thinking it. Great minds think alike. This would be the perfect way to set up the merger and unification of the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. Cena vs Taker would be one of the biggest main events in WrestleMania history. Two of the tops guys in the business facing off for the unification of the titles. Not Only that, but The Undertaker's streak would be on the line as well. It would be up to the WWE creative team to really set this feud up and make Cena a great heel like he once was. WE all loved him rapping about his opponents and all of the trash talking he would do. It's why so many people liked him but with the WWE going PG he became watered down, corny and very unlikeable. The Undertaker is one of the few guys who can still put on a great show after all of these years and can truly tell a story with his work. Cena would have to be a very good heel to pull this off and I think he is capable. With talks of Cena saying he wants to break the streak, and a heel turn looking as good as ever for him, I think this is the way to go. We all want it. I know we do. And with Randy Orton looking to become the top face and Face of the company, this idea is nothing short of perfect. If the WWE knows what the Universe wants they'll make this happen as it will probably be one of the most talked about events in all WWE History.