Fresh Meat: 10 Young Athletes We Know We’re Going to Hate

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Fresh Meat: 10 Young Athletes We Know We’re Going to Hate
Greg Fiume/Getty Images
Bryce Harper, sans make-up

First impressions are a big deal in life. As they say, you only get one.

Many of us get those first impressions from highlight clips on SportsCenter. A running back breaks off a jaw-dropping run. An NBA-caliber shooting guard gets a steal, runs the break, and finishes with something out of a dunk contest.

On the other hand, sometimes the first times we see a player on SportsCenter, it’s for entirely the wrong reasons. Think LeGarrette Blount.

Generally speaking, there are some guidelines for our expectations from athletes. There’s a pretty wide threshold for how much slack we’ll cut an athlete beyond them.

For starters, no whining. We hate whiners, especially ones who make millions of dollars entertaining us.

Secondly, a certain degree of mental and physical toughness is needed. Don’t show weakness.

Third, we realize the media over-hypes certain guys. We get that. But don’t do it to yourself. Stay quiet and outside the spotlight as much as your can (just to show us that you’re not self-promoting or arrogant) and you’ll probably get a pass.

Lastly, legal trouble isn’t exactly endearing. You know, if you hadn’t guessed that.

Following those simple guidelines should keep you in our good graces. At the very least, we’ll feel neutral about you, perhaps even referring to you as, “Oh, that guy.”

Failure to do so gets you on the following list, 10 young guys we just know we’re going to hate.



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