College Football Recruiting: Josh Aldrin Keeps The "Buzz" Alive Despite Injury

Mike Pendleton@MP2310Correspondent ISeptember 27, 2010

Aldrin rocks the eye black showing his true warrior side, despite a knee injury that will keep him out his junior year
Aldrin rocks the eye black showing his true warrior side, despite a knee injury that will keep him out his junior year

If you ask any football coach they will tell you the most important key to any player is drive, determination, and most importantly love for the game.

The best player at any level of football isn't the one who makes the highlight reels or the most appealing stats, that's just a bonus.

With that being said, it's time to meet 2012 recruit, Josh Aldrin. Sure he may not be on the biggest lists of school recruiting lists but that's mainly because Aldrin suffered a torn ACL that his him out for the entire junior season of his high school career. 

Aldrin, a 5'10" 240 pound nose-guard is a force for Downers Grove South High School in Downers Grove, Ill. and while he is recovering from the ACL injury, Aldrin has his sights sets on not only recovering to full strength but to have a return that makes him better then ever. 

Nicknamed "Buzz" because of the excitement that he brings and the chatter surrounding his game it's all simply a buzz.

Part of the excitement comes straight from Aldrin's playing style.

"Power and energy, that's the easiest way to describe my play. I use my strength to get past and hurt the guy in front of me. I get crazy when I play cause that's the best way to do it." Aldrin said.

Some players at a young age who suffer a torn ACL may decide to walk away from football, for Aldrin, his life wouldn't be the same.

"What drives me is to be better than the best player out there. I always tell myself that even at my best I can do better." Aldrin said.

Not only did the injury effect Aldrin but his family, friends and teammates were disappointed with the news but Buzz has kept everything positive and now everyone is waiting for his highly-anticipated return. 

Passion, we all have it in some form, but Aldrin shows his in a very positive form.

"Football is my passion but I do it to glorify God, that is my greatest passion." Aldrin said.

The most surprising thing about Aldrin is that next year will be only his third year playing football, ever. Only three years into football and his talent and upside prove that he is one special player.

As far as the future is concerned Aldrin will let his talent speak for itself but doesn't mind mentioning what he would love to accomplish.

"My dream school would be Texas or Miami (FL). When I come back I just want people to see that I am a much stronger player after the injury than before." Aldrin said.

Whether he means stronger in play or in his love for the game one thing is for sure, come the 2011-12 season of high school football, Josh Aldrin will be a household name for the Downers Grove South football team and his name will be mentioned all across the state, spreading to the nation.

When the name is heard around you, don't be shocked. It's the "Buzz" and he's coming loud and clear to make sure everyone remembers his name.