The Impossibilities of Cena Joining The Nexus & The Inevitable Nexus Disband

Steven SeeContributor ISeptember 23, 2010

Don't bet on it, Wade.
Don't bet on it, Wade.

“Perception is a funny thing. Whatever one might conclusively come to terms of acceptance or belief would not necessarily speak for another”

In the events of possibilities and impossibilities, the IWC would be divided in opinions…some finds it a refreshing change if John Cena joins the Nexus and turns heel…while there are some who feels Cena should remain the good guy baby face role and WWE should not make this change.

This article shall focus its’ primary attempt at examining and debating the many impossibilities of John Cena joining the Nexus with the inevitable final curtain call for Nexus.

It all started with an invitation to a fight at the next PPV “Hell In A Cell” for John Cena by Wade Barrett on the recent Monday night RAW which sets forth in motion a stipulation that, should Cena loses, he shall join the Nexus fold but if the contrary happens, the Nexus shall disband.

For the majority of eager beavers who have been following the development of Cena/Nexus feud closely , there is already a growing anxiety to know how this intense fight would turn out in the barely two weeks’ time-frame for both parties to prepare, a rather short hiatus after the action-packed Night Of Champions PPV.

Notwithstanding, this fight shall determine the outcome of whether Nexus stays or Cena becomes a part of the group.

Getting right down to the business at hand, let’s examine and debate the first of two possible scenarios:

 …John Cena loses at HIAC and with reluctance, has to join this nefarious group that he so despises…

Question : How would Cena actually fit in?

In an apparent role reversal, John Cena would first have to endure jeers from his Cenation now that their wonder boy is a member of the Nexus.

Cena coming out wearing the bumble-bee Nexus attire would be downright embarrassing for the man who has built a profound reputation with his signature Cenation T-shirt and military salute. A hero has ultimately become a villain…

The irony would be trying to convince the WWE universe that he is no longer the face of WWE but a simple gang member of ruthless aggressors. Batista will laugh his boots off watching this new Cena transformation from home while the Cenation would weep in sorrow!

What has obviously happened to Cena’s “Never back down, Never give up” attitude…?

Question :Will Cena play second fiddle to Barrett?

John Cena is a one-man fighting machine, who is always proud in his delivery of “The Champ is here”. To be downgraded from this status would simply be devastating.

Playing second fiddle and having to follow Wade Barrett’s instructions as a Nexus member would definitely not go down well with Cena.

Whatever comes right down to it, Cena might very well turn rebel within the group and tear them apart from the inside out.

Question : Does Cena really want to play heel?

It takes a different kind of character to play a convincing heel. John Cena just doesn’t seem to have the heel characteristic or be able to carry this role well even if he is forced to do it. It is even doubtful he wants to take this role.

His clean-cut image is what makes him a better face than most of today’s wrestlers in the business. One just can’t imagine Cena being what he is and what he stands, putting everything on the line and becoming a heel for the sake of keeping his job.

The second scenario:

 …a colossal defeat befalls Barrett, an inevitable Nexus disband…

Question :Can Barrett live up to his expectation?

Above everything else, Wade Barrett is a proud rookie who is now walking tall as the NXT season one winner and the leader of Nexus. He is not about to give up all he has so diligently built to be destroyed by Cena.

Suffice to say, the man has what it takes to be a champion by all counts and will pose a strong challenger in HIAC with so much at stake on the table.

Question :Is the Nexus disband a possibility?

It is probable that Cena can beat Barrett on a one-on-one match up. He obviously proved it on RAW that he can take out four of the Nexus thugs consecutively with his skills and experience in the ring. It is never wise to underestimate The Champ when he unleashes his full force of self-defense.

At the turn of events, Barrett would suffer a colossal defeat (and shame) if he loses while his cohorts are disbanded at the end of the HIAC, to the screams of delight from Cenation that Good has indeed conquered over Evil…

Question: What’s next for Barrett after losing to Cena?

Wade Barrett is a multi-faceted, talented wrestler. He has found fame in the short tenure with WWE and is able to carry his role of a leader well, which should give him clear advantages over many mid-carders in the roster. Competing as individual wrestler after Nexus would be the next step up the ladder for Barrett.

The floodgate of debate is now opened.

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