2011 College Football Recruiting: Lamarr Hooper, A Career Driven Football Player

Mike Pendleton@MP2310Correspondent ISeptember 22, 2010

How many players that play an important role on their high school team do you know of that don't care if they go to a big-name university?

As you think about that try to recall the last time an important high school player was more concerned about his career future then playing the game he loves. 

That exact description can be placed on Bolingbrook High School's (Bolingbrook, Ill.) running back, Lamaar Hooper. Hooper, a senior and a part of the 2011 recruiting class is not worried about making it to a big-time school.

In fact, Hooper mentions one school, and one school only, when it comes to college, "I would really be interested in going to Northwood University in Michigan to carry out my dream of being a sports agent."

"Since not many schools carry the major I am interested in pursuing (sports management and entertainment promotion) I would really be interested in continuing my football career there. My good friend who was one of the starting defensive backs last year, Maurice Armstead, is there playing football now so I wouldn't mind joining him and playing football out there."

So he has a career path set in mind, but what makes Hooper a key player on his team?

The fact that he puts his teammates, coaching staff, and supporters before himself saying, "I feel like if we are the team that has the defense to come up and lower their shoulders and make that big play on defense or the offense that pushes in the fourth quarter to pick up the first down, then at the end of the game we will have won because we will have left it all on the field."

Now enough of the motivation and the future, Hooper as a player: outstanding. Two touchdowns on the season for a team that turns to Hooper when on the goal line or when they want to wear out opponents with ground-and-pound style running.

Just like one of the greatest running backs of all-time, Jerome Bettis, Hooper understands everyone starts somewhere, "I have a long way to go, but i hope that one day I can compare myself to somebody as great as Bettis."

To be a bus, you must be driven, and Hooper, like the well-spoken young man he is, states his drive by saying, "What drives me on the field is my determination to prove myself and to all the fans that come out to watch me and the team play. I would also like to just carry out the Raiders' winning tradition."

"Playing for Jon Ivlow and the rest of our coaching staff, you cant help but want to go out there on Friday nights and keep their winning tradition alive."

Being involved is another key role that Hooper plays, but this time, off the field.

Being involved in the community and reaching out to teammates is one way Hooper feels the team has become closer as a family saying, "Over the summer, I was a lifeguard and it felt great to be able to help the community, but now that the summer is over I do my best to focus on keeping my grades up and continuing to build strong relationships with my friends."

So there you have it, Hooper is a well-spoken young man with plenty of football talent. His play is worth watching and his drive is motivating. No motivation needed for Hooper as this young man has a plan, and you better watch out because if your not careful, this young bus will soon be running you over.