Victor Ortiz Destroys Vivian Harris Wants Marcos Maidana Rematch

Tyler CurtisAnalyst ISeptember 18, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 18:  Victor Ortiz knocks down Vivian Harris during the second round in a Welterweight fight at Staples Center on September 18, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. Ortiz would win the fight in a third round knockout.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Harry How/Getty Images

Victor Ortiz wasn’t fighting the best opponent but he looked vicious once again against Vivian Harris.

Ortiz scored four knockdowns in the fight. HE ended matters in the third round with a brutal right hook. Harris looked his age and if he decides to go on he will be a non factor.

Ortiz came out a little tentative. Then he stepped on the gas and totally blew Harris out. At one point someone in the crowd yelled “Somebody hit somebody.”

Upon hearing that Ortiz decided to appease that fan. He dropped Harris three times in the second round alone.

Harris survived the round but wasn’t going to get out of the third. Ortiz came out and put him down once more and the fight was called off.

Again this doesn’t tell us much about Ortiz that we didn’t already know. He did look like his old self in regard to taking out Harris once he hurt him.

Harris looked like he was there to pick up a paycheck and nothing else. He looked like he rather pass a kidney stone then be in the right tonight.

He came into the fight in great shape and nobody expected him to beat the much younger Ortiz. But he was expected to give him some sort of challenge.

Harris now has five losses in his career. He is 1-3 and one no contest in his last five. He is a former titleholder but is now 32 years old. He never had a ton of talent to begin with.

All five of his career defeats are knockout losses. Hopefully for his own sake he will call it a day. He look uninterested and over matched tonight. His counter punches looked incredibly slow.

Ortiz again called out Marcos Rene Maidana after the fight. It seems he wants to redeem himself.

Maidana appears to be facing Amir Khan in his next fight. If he gets through Khan, a fight with Ortiz could happen.

Even if Maidana loses his next fight Ortiz is going to want him. With the destruction tonight, Ortiz has thrust himself back into title talk. He will  probably get the chance now.

Most of the champions are busy but a fight with Maidana could be made for the middle of 2011. It would be nice to see Ortiz take on a better opponent. In the meantime I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Like stated earlier this was a fun exciting fight to watch but don’t read to much into it. He beat up a washed-up fighter like he was supposed to.

If he does get a rematch with Maidana I would put my money on Ortiz.

He may have faced iffy opponents since that loss but he has found his boxing skills and Maidana is the same fighter.

He wouldn’t get into a firefight again and would most likely box off Maidana’s ears.

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