Iqzy's Preview and Prediction For WWE Night Of Champions

Iqbal Siraj@IqzyContributor IISeptember 18, 2010

Iqzy's Preview and Prediction For WWE Night Of Champions

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    Here is my preview and predictions for WWE Night of Champions match by match. We still do not know if the WWE Tag Titles will be defended on this PPV, even though last year every single title was defended, this year for some odd reason we have non-title matches such as Big Show vs CM Punk and a potential addition of Christian vs Alberto Del Rio. Anyways, this slideshow will give you match by match preview and predictions.

    (I do not work for WWE or affiliated in any way, and do not know the outcome of the matches, if they are right then consider it a coincidence or just plain obvious)


Divas/Women's Unification Lumberjill Match: Melina Vs Michelle McCool

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    How annoying are the LayCools? Wow they are like a PG version of the Beautiful People, and Layla is way more annoying than McCool. They promote bullying and how is this even PG? Anyhow, Melina is one of the few women wrestlers today that can actually wrestle. She IS today's Trish/Lita, and would love her to have a feud with Beth Phoenix when she comes back.

    But back to this, I think it's safe to say that none of us can give a rat's ass about the divas of today, they are either escorts or entertainers for two minutes. So I am glad they are unifying the two titles, and hopefully remains as "Women's" title rather than "Divas" because the Women's title has such prestige to it.

    This match will probably be won by Melina, with interference by Layla (who may not be one of the lumberjills and runs in) after her finding out McCool has cheated her out of the match, thus having a potential feud between the two. Look out for Melina crying at the end (by the way her tears are real and not fabricated).

    WINNER: MELINA by interference by Layla.

WWE Tag Team Championship: The Hart Dynasty Vs ?

2 of 7 many times have the Hart Dynasty actually defended those titles? Not many, especially not at the PPVs. Therefore these titles have less meaning than the women's titles. But anyhow, the only way they can get people talking again is have many teams, and possibly have an entertaining TLC match for the titles. This cannot happen for this PPV, and I am surprised they weren't even announced for the PPV since the PPV IS for all the titles to be on the line.

    Now the possible opponents for the standard tag team match could be:

    Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre

    Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins

    The Usos

    The Dudebusters

    If we are going with wrestling 101, the team should be Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre as they defeated the Harts on Friday Night SmackDown. Therefore I believe Harts will retain the titles in what should be an entertaining match if given the time.

    WINNERS: The Hart Dynasty

Big Show Vs CM Punk

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    Now, this feud came outta nowhere, but its been a feud nevertheless. CM Punk IS giving the best promos of his life, and he seems to be just getting better and better. Big Show is entertaining on the mic always, but I wish he would stop wrestling and become a manager or even go on commentary, he would suit perfectly in those roles. I still do not understand how this match even gets on this title oriented PPV, but hey at least we get CM Punk at this PPV.

    So to this match, it would be all "can CM Punk" go for the GTS, can he pick him up. Big show will be slow, and try his knockout punch a lot of times. Then CM Punk will somehow do something, probably in the likes of getting a DQ to get himself out the match. But I reckon he will create a new SES stable, thus the first member of the new looking SES will interfere and cost Big Show the match.

    WINNER: CM Punk with interference from a mysterious new SES member.

Intercontinental Match: Dolph Ziggler Vs Kofi Kingston

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    Now, Dolph Ziggler to go from a cheerleader to a gimmick that made him shake people's hands to say his name to a wrestler with real potential. He has given us good matches against Christian, Kane and Kofi and I believe there is a big future ahead for him.

    Kofi should be main eventing, the guy has been class ever since his feud with Orton and he lost his Jamaican accent. His bad ass attitude and his in ring performance has made the WWE Universe shout "Main Event!". I am sure he will be the next African breakout champion.

    Back to this match, it potentially has the chance to be the most entertaining match because of the bad blood between the two. It will be action after action. I could see Vickie somehow costing Dolph the match due to her jealousy over the Kaitlyn thing.

    WINNER and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston

United States Championship: The Miz Vs Daniel Bryan

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    Bryan Danielson, or Daniel Bryan his slave name, has been money since he debuted. He was definetly the breakout star in the first season of NXT, his feud with Miz and Michael "You are watching the longest reigning episodic television show in history, THIS is Monday Night Raw" Cole was magnificent to watch, especially the Cole feud because of the shoot he did, him saying things that all of us were thinking also. And now since he has come back, he hasn't lost his spark and has become an even bigger star because of all the commotion over his sacking.

    The Miz has gone from a reality show star, to a tag team star (also to a person that got kicked out the locker room for a minor thing), to a US Champion star to Mr Money in the Bank in the space of 4 years or so. That is a big achievement. He is money on the mic, even though his wrestling ability could be improved. If this one person had Miz's mic ability and Morrison's wrestling ability, he would be the perfect star. Anyhow his feud with Daniel Bryan has been exciting to watch.

    This match will have a lot of submission teases, with Alex Riley possibly trying to interfere in the match behind the ref's back, but Daniel Bryan holding on and somehow making The Miz tap out to a glorious win for the self-proclaimed best wrestler in the world. I see this happening because The Miz needs to lose the title to concentrate on cashing in his briefcase.

    WINNER and NEW United States Champion: Daniel Bryan

World Heavyweight Championship No Holds Barred: Kane Vs The Undertaker

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    Kane has been on a roll. His promos have been so exhilerating to watch, very intense and has been somewhat a relief to watch than those standard promos from most of the other wrestlers (minus Jericho, Miz, CM Punk). I said straight away that Undertaker's attacker would be Kane, but hoped it would be someone else. So found it somewhat a relief when it was to be Rey Mysterio. But then it made sense when Kane was revealed, and even though they have feuded so many times, they have feuded about similar things but always seems different.

    Taker cannot move like he used to, but still wrestles better than some of the roster. Kane is in magnificent shape in terms of ability. They both compliment each other very well and their promos have been insane. Although I would like to have seen this match as an inferno, and somehow burning Kane's face so he can be wearing his mask again, but I am happy with his no holds barred match where they can literally do anything (I hope somehow it involves him starting to wear a mask again).

    I see Kane dominating the match, using all sorts of weapons to slow down Taker even more, but Taker comes back to chokeslam him through the tables. Somehow somehow it goes back and forth until someone chokeslams someone through something or another and ends with one of them tombstoning to win the match. It is hard to predict but I will go for Kane to win and continuing the feud for the Hell in a Cell PPV (though I would have preferred a six man hell in a cell match).

    WINNER and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Kane

WWE Championship Six Pack Elimination Match

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    So Sheamus (C) versus Cena vs Orton vs Edge vs Jericho vs Barrett in a six pack elimination match. I am not a big fan of multiple wrestlers in a match unless it involves weapons (i.e. ladder, TLC, Hell in a Cell, Elimination Chamber) but this looks intriguing because they have changed it to an elimination match.

    The participants are people we cannot complain should be there. We have to have John Cena, because the kids and women would not want to order if he is not in the PPV. Orton is at the top of his game and he still only 30. Edge is a multiple champion, and deserves to be in the main event. Jericho just keeps giving us the best promos. And Wade Barrett is the new guy on the scene, and has everything going for him now and could be the fastest rising champion in history. I won't be surprised if HHH makes an appearance.

    Now this match I believe will be entertaining, and have the powerhouses getting the eliminations.

    So in order of elimination:

    5: Edge

    4: Jericho

    3: Sheamus (due to interference from HHH)

    2: Orton

    1: Cena

    WINNER and NEW WWE Champion: Wade Barett.

    And to set up the Hell in a Cell PPV, the same six will be participating in a six man match inside the cell.


    Thank you for reading and lets see how this PPV pans out!