Top Five WWE Wrestlers Who Could Benefit Most From a John Cena Heel Push

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Top Five WWE Wrestlers Who Could Benefit Most From a John Cena Heel Push

It seemed with the end of Summer that the on and off again angle known as the Nexus was in its last breath.  We saw the defeat of the entire team at Summerslam, and then the defeat of Wade Barrett at Night of Champions. 

Injuries plagued the stable, with the Number 2 man on the mic and the muscle, Skip Sheffield, out due to a leg injury.  Poor booking and poor delivery, as well as poor merchandise sales, seemed to mark the failure of a group which so far has achieved less than the Spirit Squad in terms of championships. 

Then, WWE Creative did something that got everybody's attention: it made John Cena a member.  Begrudgingly, but a member none the less.  Raw ratings climbed up immediately and more people began to talk about what this meant in terms of what the IWC has salivated for-- the Cena Heel Turn.

Granted, the heel turn hasn't happened yet, and it may never go fully Hollywood Hogan.  However, the Cena with Nexus angle hasn't fully played out yet either, and you can be guaranteed there will be heelish tactics coming from Cena in the next few months. 

If there is one thing Cena has become known for over the last few years, it has been becoming the face of the WWE and in turn being the push for many of the current superstars.  Both Sheamus and The Miz became the mainstays in the main event picture due to feuds with Cena. 

Edge won the first of his 9 World Championships from Cena.  The common factor among Shaemus, Edge, The Miz, and even Randy Orton is that they were all heels whose careers and place on the roster became elevated through John Cena. 

A Cena Heel turn promises the same thing, largely for many of the young faces of the WWE in need of a 'push'.  Here's the top wrestlers I could see potentially benefiting from a Cena heel turn. 

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