WWE Night of Champions Preview: 6 Reasons Edge Has the Edge

Nathaniel HallContributor ISeptember 15, 2010

WWE Night of Champions Preview: 6 Reasons Edge Has the Edge

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    WWE Night of Champions is only a few days away. The WWE Universe has been buzzing about this upcoming PPV. Sheamus will defend his WWE Title in a 6-Pack Challenge match, one of the opponents will be the Rated R Superstar Edge. In this slide show I will be examining 6 Reasons why I believe Edge will indeed have the Edge at Night of Champions and walk out once again the WWE Champion.

6. Track Record

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    Although Edge did not participate in Night of Champions last year because of injury, he does have a good track record at this event, in 2 of his 3 appearances at Night of Champions he has walked out a Champion. Back in 2006 Edge lost to Rob Van Dam for the WWE Title, in 2007 and 2008 Edge defeated Batista for the World Heavyweight Title respectively. Edge has been here before and he will show that in the 6-Pack Challenge

5. Under The Radar

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    Going into this 6-Pack Challenge Edge has gone somewhat under the radar, not many people are talking about the idea of Edge walking out champion. Randy Orton wants to cement himself as perhaps the new face of the WWE. John Cena wants to continue his reign as the face of the WWE. Sheamus wants to prove he is a true champion, and Wade Barrett wants to bring the WWE Title and the power that comes with it to the Nexus. Edge has the advantage of being able to suprise the WWE universe and win.

4. Double Digits

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    Edge has won the World Heavyweight Title 5 times and the WWE Title 4 times, this means if he does indeed win at Night Of Champions he will become a 10 time World Champion, joining a very elite club joining the likes of legend Ric Flair. This will be added motivation for Edge to prevail at Night of Champions.

3. Experience

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    Edge has a lot of history with 3 of the 5 other combatants in this match. He has feuded with John Cena, Randy Orton, and more recently Chris Jericho culminating at Wrestlemania. Edge knows these men inside and out, he will be able to use this to his advantage in the 6-Pack challenge and prevail and once again be crowned the WWE Champion

2. The Spear

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    The Spear is a move that Edge uses that gives him an advantage of being able to strike quickly with his finishing move. The Spear can come out of nowhere and change the complexity of a match very quickly and Edge could score a quick pin. During the 6-Pack Challenge there will most likely be a moment where most of the men except for two will be knocked down and Edge could strike with the Spear and take home the Title.

1. The Ultimate Opportunist

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    Edge is called the Ultimate Opportunist for a reason, over the years he has cashed in his money in the bank briefcase to capture the WWE Title. Also in the ring he will take any opportunity that presents itself to come out the winner, no matter how he does it. Much like the late Eddie Guerrero did, Edge Lies, Cheats and Steals. Who knows maybe Edge will come out of no where and capture the WWE title and live up to the nickname The Ultimate Opportunist.


    Hope you all enjoyed this Article, and please leave feedback and let me know who you think will win this Sunday Night at Night of Champions