NHL Today (9/12): New Jersey Devils, Boston Bruins, Brad Richards, and More

John TaboneCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2010

They got Ilya. Can they fix their cap problems?
They got Ilya. Can they fix their cap problems?Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

As the season begins, there will now be two editions of NHL Today. One will be the traditional NHL rumor based article. The second edition will be a daily recap of games and more. Stay tuned for the second edition coming soon!

New Jersey Devils

Signing Kovalchuk will prevent the Devils from obtaining a puck-moving defenseman this season. That is if they don't trade any assets to clear cap space. As of now, the only way the Devils could make a trade is if they give up assets. Yes, they could bury a few players in the minors, but does management want to pay for a player's salary if they're not even on the team? There's a lot of question marks right now. 

Lamoriello said that he won't move Rolston or Salvador. He will most probably not trade Langenbrunner. It will take a miracle for anyone to take on Zubrus' contract. Zajac is the only rumored trading piece that has some value.

Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins

The Devils are not alone. The Vancouver Canucks have to move at least $3.6 million and the Boston Bruins have to move at least $3 million

The Canucks are safe for now as Sami Salo is on LTIR until at least Christmas. The Bruins are also safe for now as Marco Sturm is also on LTIR. Expect a few moves from both teams in the next few months.

Brad Richards

Various sources are saying that the Dallas Stars might just end up moving Brad Richards at the trade deadline. With the team being sold soon, negotiations cannot start until the team is under new ownership. Even then, the ownership might play hardball with Richards in contract negotiations and he might just get traded. 

Robyn Regehr

The Calgary Flames also have some cap problems as they are $2.349 million over the cap. They could try to move forward Ales Kotalik by demoting, trading, or loaning him. However, various sources are saying that veteran defenseman Robyn Regehr could be the next one out of Calgary. There were a few rumors regarding Regehr earlier and those rumors are finally holding some truth. More on this soon.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon! 

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