NFL Regular Season: Nine Players Jet Fans Need To Watch On Monday Night

Cole TesslerCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2010

NFL Regular Season: Nine Players Jet Fans Need To Watch On Monday Night

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    The Jets start their season opener against the Ravens Monday in what is turning out to a very important game.

    The Jets have been talking alot about the super bowl and if they want to back it up, a win against the Ravens wouold be huge.

    The Jets roster looks alot different from last year, they added players such as Cromartie, Santonio Holmes, LT, Jason Taylor and other new players.

    Here are some players Jet fans need to watch against the Ravens in no particular order.

Mark Sanchez

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    Mark Sanchez is looking to start his sophmore season in the NFL with a bang. Last year he threw 12 touchdowns and 20 interceptions in the regular season while only having a low 63 passer rating. These stats were some of the worst in the league. Mark Sanchez then stepped up in the post season improving his passer rating to a 93.7 and leading the Jets to the AFC championship.

    Mark Sanchez was pretty good this preseason racking up a total of 268 yards and completing 31 passes on 48 throws.

    Despite his preseason, Sanchez has been criticized and has been questioned if he can lead the Jets to a superbowl this year. If he wants to make a statement, this would be a great game to make one.

    Sanchez will be facing a Ravens defense without Ed Reed, which should definitely be an advantage for Sanchez. Expect the Ravens to put a lot of pressure on Sanchez and try to force him to make mistakes like he did last year.

    Prediction: Mark Sanchez will show that his rookie year is in the past. 250 yards 16 completions 26 incompletions 1 Touchdown 1 interception.

Darrelle Revis

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    Darrelle Revis missed the whole training camp from his holdout. This means he only has a week to get back into the swing of things. He says he is in shape, but not football shape, which is a big difference.

    Revis will be facing a tough challenge in week one against Anquan Boldin. He will definitely be tested to see if he can blanket receivers despite his current shape.

    The Jets defense still gets a major boost with Revis back as they can rely on him to blanket the receiver and blitz more guys.

    Whether Revis is in football shape or not, he should have a big impact on the Jets' defense.

    Prediction: Revis shuts down Anquan holding him to four receptions and 20 yards.

Shonn Greene

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    Shonn Greene showed a great blend of power and speed in the playoffs last season and looked like a beteran rather then a rookie. Now, the Jets are relying on Shonn Greene this year to be their main running back after getting rid of Thomas Jones mainly because of Greene's playoff performance. In the preseason Shonn Greene was pretty good rushing for 92 yards on 23 carries. But Shonn Greene needs to prove himself Monday Night.

    Greene will be facing a tough Ravens defense who was 6th in the league last year against the run. With the Jets ground and pound offense, he will most likely get the ball 20 or more times.

    Expect Greene to run to the right a lot, he did last year and with the inconsistent Matt Slauson at left guard, the Jets will probably will even more with Greene.

    Predictions: Greene will do good in his debut as the starter. 22 carries 90 yards 1 TD


Matt Slauson

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    Matt Slauson is going to start at left guard which he won by default in the preseason. Since second round rookie Ducasse made a ton of vital mistakes, Slauson got the job. But Slauson has had his own share of his mistakes too. He's been pretty bad in the pass rush and has made mistakes such as holding in the red zone.

    Sanchez is going to need all the protection he can get so having Slauson starting at left guard isn't going to help him. Hopefully, Slauson can step up his game and be an effective blocker against the run and pass.

    Expect the Ravens to test out Slauson and bring the heat toward the left sides on passing downs.

    Prediction: Slauson makes a couple of errors and allows one sack on Sanchez.

Jason Taylor

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    Jason Taylor will make his regular season debut with the Jets after being hated by Jet fans for many years. He will replace the injured Calvin Pace at outside linebacker, after getting injured in the preseason

    Getting to the quarterback was a weak point for the Jets last year being 16th in the league in sacks.Taylor will be a big help in the pass rushing game after getting seven sacks last year with the Dolphins.

    Jets will look to pressure Joe Flacco so expect JT to be blitzing alot on second and third downs.

    Prediction: 1 sack 5 tackles

Antonio Cromartie

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    Cromartie is another new fave for the Jets that should have a big impact this year and Monday night.

    Cromartie will play alongside Revis and both are great man to man corners who can put receivers on an island. Only due to his nickname, receivers who are being covered by Cromartie will be locked in "Alcrotraz".

    Having a second man to man corner allows the Jets alot more freedom to throw blitzes when ever they want and with more people.

    Also Cromartie is a great ballhawking corner so if a ball is thrown to him, expect him to pick it and maybe take it for a pick six with his speed.

    The Jets will probably bring alot of blitzes to try and pressure Flacco and stop the run. If Cromartie and Revis can stop their receivers, the Jets have a good chance of winning this game.

    Prediction: 1 interception, Shadows TJ Houshmanzadeh and becomes a prisoner on "alcrotraz".

Sione Pouha

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    Pouha filled in great for the defense when Kris Jenkins was injured last year. Now instead of starting at defensive tackle, he will be starting at right end.

    Pouha is a big guy player who is an effective run stopper. He will also be good at blocking so the linbackers and other blitzers to get to Flacco.

    With the Ravens fifth last year running the ball,  theJets will need to be effective on stopping the run if they want to win. Therefor, Pouha will be vital in this game.

    Prediction: 5 Tackles

Ladanian Tomlinson

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    Ladanian Tomlinson had a huge impact in the preaseason rushing for 129 yards on 22 carries. He will also have a huge impact Monday night too but more in the passing game.

    LT will serve as the receiving running back and will also compliment Shonn Greene in the run game. Expect LT to be thrown to atleast five times and run the ball around 10 times.

    If Mark Sanchez gets in trouble and can't find a receiver, expect the ball to go to LT.

    Prediction: 5 Catches 30 yards, 9 rushes 25 yards

Kyle Wilson

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    (Only picture of Kyle Wilson)

    1st Round rookie Kyle Wilson will get a decent amount of snaps in his debut against the Ravens. He is a great man to man corner who can also put receivers on an island.

    With Revis back, Wilson will be playing on on slot receivers. This will be a very important role against the Ravens especially with their receiving depth.

    Wilson will also be the punt returner for the Jets tonight which will be important as well. If this game becomes a defensive battle then, special teams will have a major role in this game because of field position.

    With Wilson's speed he should be fine in the punt return game.

    Predicton:4 punt returns 30 yards total. Plays pretty well in his debut.