WWE : Randy Orton'S Wave Of Momentum – Where Does It Lead? The WWE Title Or...

Karan ChhajtaContributor ISeptember 10, 2010

Intro-[Monday Night Raw,12th of July.The RAW before the Money In The Bank PPV. Randy Orton vs Edge. Orton loses as Edge gets the  pin thanks to a distraction. Edge turns around and gets a Codebreaker. Pause here. Here is where The Viper’s amazing form began. Jericho eats an RKO. Bourne comes in, knocks Orton down and goes up for Airbourne, quitepossibly giving us the best moment on RAW after Wrestlmania 26. The Viper catches Bourne in mid-air with an RKO and the high flying Bourne had been snatched out of  air by Orton. For this crazy moment, he also quite possibly got the biggest pop on RAW in recent times]

After this happened, I certainly thought Randy would win MITB. But he just has not had it at PPVs this

 year! (Except WM26).Starting from Royal Rumble 2010 against Sheamus(DQ) to now more recently

 SummerSlam against the SAME opponent. It has come full circle. Countless PPVS and title shots in

 between. Extreme Rules, Fatal Fourway, Money in the Bank etc. He has appeared dominant in all, but

 never really won. I know he gets pops anyway but where is the WWE going with his current crazy



 rampage on RAW? RKO fests after RKO fests. Edge, Miz, Sheamus, Cena, Morrison, Barret and Darren

 Young even....ALL have recieved one or more of the Viper’s deadly finisher during the past few

 Mondays!! It has started to seem as though WWE are attempting to make Randall Keith Orton

 the face of the company over John Cena. He seems unbeatable. Anyone who saw RAW on 6th of

 September would say that. As if delivering a total of four RKOs to everyone around him wasn’t enough

, during the staredown with Cena at the end he certainly was badass to the core. In 2009, when Randy

 was a heel, the WWE potrayed him as a coward during his feuds with Cena. I remember when their Hel

l in a Cell match(which Orton won) began, the first thing Randy did was run to the cell door and try to

 open it. Whereas on 6th of September, Orton looked the real deal. Sizing up Cena and looking the more


confident one.

But when will all this domination pay off ? What is the WWE trying to do with Randy right now? And WHEN will he get the WWE title back on his waist?

The crowd seems okay with seeing RKOs every week and some may even say Randy doesn’t need a

 title to be over with his fans. True. But he DOES need a title atleast initially to start off  this new

 “Orton is the face of the WWE” angle. If they overdo his unstoppable image without a title on him, soon

 it may get stale or unrealistic. I mean, a guy beats up all the others on 3 Monday’s and then on the

 following Sunday at a Pay per View, never wins. It’s okay once,twice or maybe even thrice but if

Randy\ Orton loses at Night Of Champions, it will be his 5th consecutive failed title shot after

 Wrestlemania 26.

Which is a little too much for the apparent new spearhead of the company.

Some may counter this with the argument that Randy Orton is just 30 and has already had 1 World Heavyweight Title and 5 WWE Championships  therefore making him a 6-Time World Champ is enough for now. There are a few things I would like to point out to those who think this way-



1)       Out of 5 WWE titles, 2 were ON THE SAME NIGHT.

2)       None of the title reigns except the won before and during Wrestlemania 24(lasted 8months) were long ones.

3)       None of the title reigns had him as a crowd favourite...a babyface. (except his WHC title, as he was thrown out of Evolution, but that is too long ago)

4)       None of these title reigns had him gunning to be the main man of the WWE.


The much hated Michael Cole did get it right(for once) when a few RAWs ago he said 'Randy Orton's riding a wild wave of momentum!"..........I will conclude now by asking you all a question- What do you think the WWE should do? Carry on without giving Orton the title? Or make him win at NOC? Comments and thoughts are welcome.

Thank you.