SvR 2011 Roster Revealed. Plus NXT Divas Judged By WWE Backstage and Other News

Gary JohnsonContributor ISeptember 9, 2010

Hey Bleachaholics.  I'm back after a couple days.  Let's get to it


  • Bret Hart (Best Buy Pre-Order Exclusive) + 1 more way to be announced shortly   
  • Sheamus (NEW)
  • David Hart Smith (NEW)   
  • Tyson Kidd (NEW)   
  • Alicia Fox (NEW)   
  • The Miz   
  • Triple H   
  • Chris Jericho   
  • Edge   
  • John Cena   
  • Randy Orton   
  • John Morrison   
  • R-Truth   
  • Evan Bourne   
  • Eve   
  • Melina
  • Shawn Michaels   
  • Batista   
  • Mark Henry   
  • Santino Marella   
  • Ted DiBiase   
  • Primo   
  • William Regal   
  • Zack Ryder   
  • Vladimir Kozlov   
  • Goldust   
  • Yoshi Tatsu   
  • Ezekiel Jackson   
  • Gail Kim    
  • Brie Bella    
  • Nikki Bella    
  • Natalya    
  • Maryse    

Smackdown Roster

  • Drew McIntyre (NEW)
  • Vance Archer (NEW)   
  • Luke Gallows (NEW)   
  • Kane   
  • Dolph Ziggler   
  • The Undertaker   
  • Rey Mysterio   
  • Big Show   
  • CM Punk   
  • Kofi Kingston   
  • Jack Swagger   
  • Christian   
  • Kelly Kelly    
  • Beth Phoenix    
  • Matt Hardy   
  • MVP   
  • Chavo Guerrero   
  • JTG   
  • Shad   
  • Cody Rhodes   
  • Finlay   
  • Michelle McCool   
  • Tiffany

Available during the “holiday season”
Davey Boy Smith (Legend)
David Otunga (RAW)
Justin Gabriel (RAW)
Layla (SmackDown)
Lex Luger (Legend)
Wade Barrett (RAW)



So nothing special (even though it's weird that Layla is a DC)  We expected at least some of Nexus in the game.  No news yet on their ratings yet.  


Oh, and if you're interested in join TNA


"TNA Wrestling will be holding tryouts on September 25th in Rahway, New Jersey. The company is billing it as a "TNA Gut Check Workshop" with a non-refundable $20 application fee and another fee of $230 if you are "accepted." More details are at"


And WWE Diva Aloisia, who was recently cut from the third season of WWE NXT, has posted an open letter in response to claims that she was pulled from the show due to erotic pictures of her recently surfacing online.

So apparently the girls really impressed last night.  I'll let someone else's comments explain what I mean




Male members of WWE’s lockerroom offered their criticisms of the season three NXT rookies to’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter following Tuesday night’s season premiere, and there seems to be a universally favorable opinion about the Diva hopefuls’ appearances.

The general reaction was that the six NXT rookies, on the whole, have “so much better bodies” than the Divas on the main roster. As LoP noted earlier, Kaitlyn, in particular, was praised for her appearance, with the consensus being that she is both the best-looking and in possession of the best body of the six contestants. From an overness standpoint, she stumbled at the onset, but the feeling is that by pairing her with a strong heel in Vickie Guerrero, there is a chance she will garner support as a babyface.

None of the girls received negative remarks for their looks, although the feeling was that Aksana is essentially a less attractive version of Maryse and thus not a clear asset to the roster. AJ’s energy and charm had appeal, and she is absolutely being pegged as a suitable Mickie James replacement. No one was particularly negative on Jamie Keyes, but there is definite uncertainty about whether her desire to transition from ring announcing to wrestling will produce positive results.

Even though Maxine’s initial promo fell flat, the feeling was that she could still emerge as the Alex Riley of this season, as her personality is the best suited for getting over as a heel.

Naomi made for the biggest surprise of the group. Going into Tuesday’s premiere, no one gave her a real shot of winning, but by the time the broadcast came to a close, she had “won the key people over” backstage and became the internal favorite to win the competition.

Because there are far fewer openings for female talent than male talent on the WWE roster, if several of the NXT rookies get over enough to warrant permanent spots on the main brands, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter speculates that some of the current Divas could be cut by spring time.

-By Brian Cantor


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