Show Me Saturday: Week 2 College Football Outlook

Allen SmithContributor ISeptember 9, 2010

LANDOVER, MD - SEPTEMBER 06:  Linebacker #52 Derrell Acrey of the Boise State Broncos hugs a fan after the Broncos defeated the Virginia Tech Hokies 33-30 at FedExField on September 6, 2010 in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)
Geoff Burke/Getty Images

Before I go and preview my three games to watch for Week 2, here is a brief recap of what I took from Week 1:

1. My apologies to Boise St. You played tough, even though you became gassed towards the end of the game, you pulled it out.  But I made the biggest mistake of believing in Virginia Tech, 0 and 22 against the top 5.  Until the Hokies improve upon that, I will never, ever consider them a legitimate contender for the national title again.  Hats of to the Broncos though, now you embark on a new journey, being the hunted. 

2.  Florida has problems.  I’m not talking about the snaps or the bad execution, that is all correctable.  If you remember, Urban Meyer said that there are problems of laziness and incompetence.  The senior leadership says as much as well.  So if Florida doesn’t get squared straight in the head, there will be bigger issues in Gainesville, but they are still “talent-wise” the class of the SEC East.

3. Congrats to Jacksonville State on beating Ole Miss.  The question Ole Miss has to ask is if they bought a Maserati or a lemon in Masoli.  People think about how he will help Ole Miss, but I have a bigger question.  Why ultimately did he go to Ole Miss?  It was the only team willing to give him playing time in his last year of eligibility.  So will he sale out for the team and help Ole Miss, or will he try to make himself look good for April?  

3 Games This Week

Biggest Game of the Week:  #18 Penn State at  #1 Alabama - Saturday, September 11 - 7:00 pm EST - ESPN

This will be a close game for the most part.  The key for the game is Penn State CANNOT get behind by more than 10 points.  The worst thing you can do with this version of the Tide is allow Saban to get more bold with his defense.  With that side being more inexperienced Saban will not take many chances unless he has to.  Penn State increases their odds if they can hover around the game and force a young CB to bust a coverage.  But, with that said, with the atmosphere surrounding the game and in the game, I think will be too much in the end for a young QB to overcome.  Penn State is a good team, but on Coach Bryant’s birthday how can you not go against Alabama.


Most Interesting Game of the Week:  #17 Florida St at #10 Oklahoma - Saturday, September 11 - 3:30 pm EST - ABC

This is a game flying under the radar of many people’s screens, and should be an excellent game offense wise, with play-makers on both sides.  Do not be shocked if the Seminoles shock Oklahoma, but I’m leaning more towards Oklahoma on this one.  Bob Stoops has been head coach longer than Jimbo Fisher, and knows (well at least used to  know how to) win big games.  I think Oklahoma wins late in the 4th with a TD.


Upset Alert: #21 Auburn at Mississippi State - Thursday, September 9 - 7:30 pm EST - ESPN

First off yes, I’m a proud alum of the University of Alabama.  This has nothing to do with me “hating” on Aubaw...excuse me Auburn.  But, I think Mississippi State has a chance to pull this one out.  Defense is lacking on both sides of the football, both had cream puffs on the schedule.  However, one had a little more trouble than the other, (Auburn).  Plus, since he left Florida two years ago, the Gator offense has been lacking.  Look last year, if Tebow wasn’t on the field, Florida had NO offense, zilch.  So Mullen must be a pretty good coach or either got out while the getting was good.  I think its the first one, so I’m not saying Auburn will lose, but Auburn does have the potential of getting upset.