WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Gives Bribes and Offers to Say He Is Sorry?

Jonathan ChristianCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2016

I truly believe that Mr.Vincent K.McMahon has  screwed up just like any other rich business man. Vince McMahon's screw-ups however involves him screwing over another wrestler however.This occurs by Vince offering the person to come back for a special appearance,or have them become world champion in a match,or even go as far as inducting them in the WWE Hall of Fame.With certain wrestlers it has been nothing but sour grapes and a bitter rival of almost 20 years or so of Vince's reign.

I recently learned before there was ever a Montreal Screwjob...in 1985 There was The "Original" screwjob.This involved the women's division.Wendi Richter went against a mysterious masked woman named Spider Lady.Vince pulled a fast one by ordering The mysterious Spider Lady to roll her up almost 1 minute into the match.He ordered the referee to count to 3 even if Wendi kicked out of it.Wendi got rolled up by Spider Lady just like planned,and of course Wendi originally kicked out of one,but the Referee kept on counting to three to give Spider Lady the win to become the new women's champion.Wendi then got up and threw Spider Lady as if the match as still continuing and pinned her and the bell continued to ring signifying the match is over.She then unmasked Spider Lady and revealed that it was in fact The Fabulous Moolah in disguise (Which also wasn't planned).She kept on attacking with Moolah doing little to nothing and Moolah finally ran out of the ring with Wendi in a fit of rage,and leaving the commentators in a confused mess throughout the whole thing.Many years later Vince contacted Wendi to participate in the Miss Wrestlemania a few years ago.Wendi of course declined the offer.This year however was something she was looking for,Vince contacted and informed her to be in the WWE Hall of Fame and she accepted it.I can almost guarantee there is still bad blood with Wendi towards Vince and maybe even bad blood toward the late Fabulous Moolah still.The fact a successful legend such as Moolah would agree to dig so low into Vince's plot definitely made me look at the late Moolah in a different way kind of.

The other being public speakouts against Vince McMahon such as Booker T.While Booker T was signed with WWE he was involved in a groundbreaking assumption that Vince will not let African Americans go far in the business.Almost months after the article was made (with Booker T being the primary source).Vince pushed Booker to become World Heavyweight Champion.Vince has definitely proved that he will let an African American go so far before he pushes them down again.Booker showed that there is still strong emotions about the issue even after signing with TNA cutting a from the heart promo that he feels Vince is still doing it.You cant really argue with it it is accurate since he seems to keep all African American pretty low key.

The most recent was Bret Hart in the Montreal Screwjob we all know the story,or at least true wrestling fans know the story of it.Bret being put in the Hall of Fame and winning one more U.S. title and pushing his nephews and nieces in the tag team division was icing on the cake for him,and the fact he is sticking around WWE for a little bit is Vince's way of saying sorry.

Vince even had some problems with younger wrestlers while having problems with wrestlers from the past.The youngster Brian Kendrick even was effected under McMahon's power,not only was his partner taken away...that was the first thing...they made it up by making him main event as THE Brian Kendrick.That then led to encounters with Kendrick giving creative advice...this led to his main event status shot down by being quickly eliminated in the Royal Rumble...in orders of Vince McMahon.McMahon tried to sugar coat it for Kendrick,but Kendrick crossed the line in McMahon's eyes and this issue has not been resolved to this very day.

McMahon loves to use his power and say "I will give you this to make up for what i have done.".Athletes and entertainers would consider McMahon a great business man if he just admitted that he was wrong in almost all things he have done to this very day.I have never heard or seen McMahon utter the words "I'm Sorry" for everything,other then that i heard him say "You're Fired!" or "Your going to get this.".If a business man can't even say he is sorry to his employees and just give materials to them,he is not a good business man despite success he has had.