Darrelle Revis Signed: What This Means For The Jets and The AFC East

John DurstCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2010

He's BAAAaaack!!!
He's BAAAaaack!!!Chris McGrath/Getty Images

It's officially over. Revis Island is open to the public once again. Now he can go back to playing football, and New York Jets fans can breath a little easier.

Late Sunday night or early Monday morning, depending on what part of the country you live in, Darrelle Revis finally agreed to terms with the the Jets on a four year deal. This ends a holdout that many had expected to go well into this year's regular season, if not into the next.

Jets Coach Rex Ryan and GM Mike Tanenbaum apparently just couldn't see the team going forward without their number one play-maker. Tannenbaum said of the signing, "I'm happy. I'm relieved. Darrelle's a great player. He's our guy." He certainly must be their guy. It didn't take them long to give him a deal that he is happy with. It's reportedly a four year deal worth $46 million with $32 million guaranteed. It doesn't make him the highest paid corner in the league, but number two or three seems to be just fine for him here. The key to the deal is the guaranteed money.

So what impact will this have on the this NFL season? Well, the short answer is simple: a huge one.

Revis is the definition of the term "shutdown corner." No one in the game plays the position better right now. This means that Randy Moss of the New England Patriots has some bulletin board material for at least two games this year. Moss is just one of many receivers that Revis shut down last season, and they will meet up twice this season.

Other names on he list of dominated foes include Chad Ochocinco of the Bengals, Andre Johnson of the Texans, Vincent Jackson of the Chargers, Marques Colston of the Saints, Steve Smith of the Panthers, and Terrell Owens of the Bills. None of these receivers had more than 100 yards against Revis, and most of them fell short of 60 yards.

Revis single handily takes away the No.1 option at receiver from virtually every team that he faces. He's a game changer who has incredible instincts, discipline, and speed breaking on the ball.

The Miami Dolphins signed high profile wide receiver Brandon Marshall in the off-season. The Revis signing basically means that the Dolphins signed Marshall for only 14 games, They play the Jets twice, so history tells us that you can count him out for those two games.

As for his own team, the Jets get two less things to worry about this season: every team that they face basically loses their most talented receiver as a viable option, and the Jets don't have the distraction of a lengthy hold-out hanging over their head. They get what Coach Rex Ryan calls "the best defensive player in the league" suited up for every game, barring injury.

With the addition of corner back Antonio Cromartie in the off-season and Revis taking his rightful place on the defensive throne, the Jets' defense goes from solid to impenetrable.

So come on out Jets fans. Its time for Revis to cash those checks that Rex spent every press conference  he's ever spoke in writing with his big mouth. I think Revis can live up to that task. It seems it's going to be a long year for the rest AFC east, now that the heart of the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets is back.