US Open 2010: Why Roger and Rafa Want To Win This One More Than Anytime Before

Ahmed HabbabContributor ISeptember 6, 2010

US Open 2010: Why Roger and Rafa Want To Win This One More Than Anytime Before

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    US Open 2010 has certainly not failed to live up to its standards. Up to now, we are enjoying each and every match being played. Federer and Nadal have definitely not disappointed.

    I am sure many tennis fans would be relishing a Roger-Rafa final. They – and myself included – have been waiting for so long to watch them go head to head in any round at any US Open. Roger has certainly dominated all past six US Opens (although he lost last year to an in-form Del Potro); Rafa hasn't dominated as Federer did but he did play exciting tennis throughout the previous US Opens.

    In my opinion, Federer and Nadal will fight for every point this US Open. Both players have their own valid reasons as to why they would love win it in 2010.

Federer Wants His Sixth US Open.

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    Roger will be seeking to extend his record of US Open titles; he will not rest until he has the sixth and who knows maybe we can see him lift a seventh. Last year, Roger was close to winning the sixth but if it were not Del Potro, who at that time was truly amazing.

    Federer, in my opinion, will not go down without a fight this time around. For years now Roger Federer has been for breaking records or even extending them so he will surely not be shy of extending this one this year.

Nadal Wants That Elusive Grand Slam:

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    Rafael Nadal wants to win this US Open in any way possible. Just like Roger, he will not rest until he completes his career Grand Slam. Furthermore, Nadal has never reached the final of the US Open ever so he will be looking to at least reach the final this year. We all know that once Rafael Nadal reaches any final, he is a tough person to win against.   

Age Plays a Role

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    Age in any sport plays a role. As a player gets older, he loses his edge. Thus, his hunger and determination has to always be there no matter what and that is what seems to be going Roger's way. Federer appears to be more than ever determined to win as much Grand Slams and titles as possible.

    Adding Annacone to his team is the clearest indication that Federer wants to keep on improving. He has publicly declared his love for the game and that he is does not plan to retire anytime soon (another indication).   

Nadal's Knees Are Still Holding Up

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    Nadal goes into this year's US Open fresher and healthier than ever. There are no signs of any injury so far, although anything can happen throughout the course of the championship.

    Nadal's playing style so far has been suiting his knees. He is certainly not playing as aggressive you would expect him to be playing which is playing in his favor so far.   

Roger Federer Loves New York

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    Federer simply loves everything about New York. The people in New York love him too in return. There is something about New York that motivates him and makes him step up his game.

    Federer enjoys every opportunity he has thrill the fans at the Arthur Ashe stadium and he never fails to disappoint. The records speak for themselves: 40 consecutive match wins and only one loss which started in 2004 and ended in 2009 to Del Potro.

Rafael Nadal Is a Fighter

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    Nadal will never ever go down in any tournament without a fight. He keeps on playing with the same level of aggression even if he is match point down.

    The perfect example would be the match against Julien Benneteau at this year's Cincinnati Masters where he saved one match point in the tie break and then went on to win 6-1 in the third. This goes to prove how Nadal does not go down without a fight.

Federer Wants to Silence His Critics Once and for All

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    Critics have been on Federer's back ever since he lost to Soderling in the quarterfinals of Roland Garros and to Berdyech in Wimbledon in the quarterfinals too. They will look to pounce on every opportunity given to them in order to criticize him even more.

    Federer, on the other hand, will look to silence them once and for all. Federer has shown that he can silence his critics many times before. The one moment that stands out for me is when he bounced back to win his first ever Roland Garros after the critics announced the end of Roger Federer after his loss to Rafael Nadal and a tearful speech by Roger at the Australian Open.

Nadal Has Nothing to Lose, Yet

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    Rafael Nadal is still 24 years old. Therefore, he has nothing to lose this year although he would dearly love it if he wins the Grand Slam that has eluded him each and every year since he turned professional.

    Nadal will always have chances to win the US Open every year considering his age and who knows maybe he can go on to win more than one US Open adding to his already illustrious career.

Federer Or Nadal?

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    Many tennis fans have been eagerly awaiting a Federer-Nadal final in New York. They have played an astonishing 21 times but never in the Big Apple. I think the time has come for us to sit back and enjoy this year's US Open.

    With Murray out of the equation with his shock exit in the third round, a Federer-Nadal final seems to be looming large.


    Prediction: Roger Federer will win his sixth title in five tight sets against Rafael Nadal.

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