Funny Promos: A Few Guys That Didn't Have Good Ring Talent But Made Us Laugh

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2010

 We all like to watch the WWE for various reasons. It could be an outstanding wrestler with great skills, a submission expert, a high flyer, but what about someone who was just funny as hell to watch.

 I made a list of guys who may not have been a great in-ring wrestler but you can't lie that you died laughing when you saw them. These are not in any order and there are only three of them.

 Hornswoggle-- I know a lot of people were glad to not see Hornswoggle on tv anymore but this guy definately had some hilarious moments. From him stealing people's title belts to watching the divas in the shower to crawling under the ring at the Royal Rumble he ruled. If you didn't like to see him wrestle, then you had to at least like him when he gave Rey Mysterio his hat and Rey danced. I think he should be back on tv more just this time he should say more than " HAHA". Here is the clip of the segment with Rey.

  The Great Khali-- He might not be the funniest guy alive and some people may not find him funny because he doesn't speak english. Who hasn't seen Khali kiss some old lady? lol. Khali's matches may be a good time to go make a sandwhich but his skits backstage are usually funny. He even had a funny skit with Hornswoggle.

  Eugene-- I am going to borrow a quote from Ricky Bobby here and change it a little. " If you dont like Eugene then F**k you". Eugene has got to be the funniest guy on WWE ever. He even got a victory over WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. More importantly known for being Eric Bishoff's nephew, Eugene had ups and downs untill perhaps the funniest segment ever when he was fired from RAW but as he made his way backstage saying good-bye he was greeted by The Rock.  Here is the clip of that. Eugene was without a doubt the funniest man on WWE that wasn't a good wrestler.

 I know there were only three here I had more but I couldn't think of all of them.