Whats Happening To Dale

Dottie travisCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2010

    2009-2010 what is going on with Dale jr. 2008 he had a fairly decent year winning on fathers day in michigan which was really a touching win you can see he really misses his father

   2009 started out bad to begin with that bad accident in the Daytona 500 where he supposedly took out brian Vickers. of which  I say BS. Vickers came down into him. so stop whining as the Months whent on it got progressively worse.

 In may I believe it was Tony Eury Jr. was removed as his Crew Chief, and he was given this idiot he has now Lance Mcscrew up.  as the months progressed things seemed to be getting better but those little gremlins kept appearing  ruining  his chances well at the end of 2009 he didnt make the chase he was bitterly disappointed.

then in comes 2010  He was going to drive in the Nationwide race to start the year off right. Well the Nationwide race whent well until there were about 30 laps left when he inadvertently was turned and flipped his car. when i saw that flip i nearly died screaming at the tv Oh god please Not Junior Not Him now. drop that window net i said in a flurry. finallly i could breathe again  he was out of the car a bit shaken but alive praise god.

the next day was the daytona 500 and what a race it was the prospect for a good year was there. Junior came in 2nd but as Junior dad would say he was 2nd he was the 1st looser. he seemed disappointed even with a great showing like he had. things continually progressed but not as anyone had hoped

then came july 2nd junior drove his daddys #3 yellow and blue wrangler to victory in the nationwide series he did it to honor his daddy who was inducted into the Nascar hall of fame. the happiness on juniors face was worth all the money and gold in the country i could not of been happier for him.

the rest of the season has been not the way he wanted it, i hear the pain and despair in juniors  voice he seems down and has a very big lack of confidence. but it isnt for lack of trying that things arent going well. he drives his heart out. I cant tell you what it is

I cant surmise its this that or the other thing. I cant say his fathers death he has no-one to prove himself too anylonger, or the accident where he suffered 2nd degree burns and an injured knee. or even the seperation from his fathers companey because of his greedy stepmother. but this is puzzling not knowing what is wrong

or how to help him. if he needs someone he can really trust and open up to  well hey i worked with vietnam vets with PTSD and they use to pour there hearts out to me. some horrifying stories came out.

I just know something is troubling Dale jr, wether its Lance or the poor equipement Hendrick gives him I dont know i just know eventually for his sanity something is gonna have to change.

next year we face the 10 year anniversary of Dale earnhardt srs tragic death. i only have one question can Dale Jr handle that or will this be the year he finally ( I hate to say it ) cracks. because no matter how strong he is, or even how big his shoulders are eventually the wieght of everything he has had to deal with will cause him to crack.

I just pray to god that it isnt on track. all junior nation can do is support him as strongly and as lovingly as we are this year letting him know every chance we get that we are still here and we are still strong.

May god bless his soul and ease his pain. and show him the way lord.

and Dale jr I love ya win or loose-champion or not your my hero my angel my man my forever champion you are always always #1 to me..