U.S. Open 2010: Five Reasons Andy Roddick Can Win Second Grand Slam Title

Simone ScottContributor IAugust 27, 2010

2010 US Open: Five Reasons Andy Roddick Can Win Second Grand Slam Title

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    Ever since Andy Roddick turned pro in 2000, people have been waiting to proclaim him the next Pete Sampras or Andre Agassi.

    Unfortunately, in his 10 years as a pro, he hasn't exactly reached Sampras' level.

    Sure, he's hosted Saturday Night Live and has a supermodel wife. He's even won a major. But is he a tennis great? Not so much.

    Even being rated as the No. 1 American male tennis player, he has been unable to capture that elusive second major title and get that monkey off his back.

    But fear not, A-Rod fans; here are five reasons why this year's US Open is where Roddick can win his second Grand Slam title.

He's Finally Healthy

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    For the past two months, Roddick has been battling a mysterious illness... Well, it turns out that it was a mild case of mono.

    While it's not exactly the bubonic plague, it does explain why the agile athlete has been feeling tired and sluggish during the summer season.

    With the proper meds and a little rest, Roddick will be ready to take Flushing Meadows by storm.

He's Won There Before

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    Roddick's one and only major came in 2003 at the US Open. He obviously knows the tournament and how to win there. That has to give him some sort of home-court advantage.

Roger Federer's on His Side of the Draw

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    Sure, having the man who has won the most Grand Slam titles on your side of the draw may seem unfortunate, but you have to look on the bright side.

    Other than his 2003 win, Roddick has made it to four other Grand Slam title matches...and has lost to Roger Federer each time.

    This year, the only time the two could meet would be in the semifinals. So, if Roddick is able to conquer the phenom that is Roger Federer, the title would be all but his.

The Reigning Champion Is Out

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    2009 US Open champion Juan Martin Del Potro withdrew from the tournament after not fully healing from wrist surgery back in May.

    With Del Potro out, the only person in the Open who's won the title since Roddick's '03 glory is Federer. With Federer in a bit of a slump, this is the perfect time for Roddick to sneak up and claim the championship.

It's Now or Never

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    Roddick turns 28 on August 30th. While he's not exactly over the hill, he's no spring chicken either. More than likely, his best playing days are behind him.

    He just made his way back into the top 10 after slipping out for the first time in four years. Without a good showing in the US Open, he can expect that ranking to continue to drop.

    If he doesn't make a run for the title, who knows how long he'll feel like playing? So expect him to go after that title like it could be his last.

    Hey, there's no time like the present to prove all of the haters wrong.