Christian: A Look Back at The Captain's Hall of Fame Career

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IAugust 18, 2010

I would like to let everyone know right off the bat that I am not writing this because I think that Christian Is the best wrestler to ever live. Now for the slow people let me repeat that I KNOW CHRISTIAN IS NOT THE BEST WRESTLER EVER. I have read over the past few weeks, comment after comment about how he is a nobody and just a crappy midcard wrestler. Now I really don't like to be the " My wrestler is better than yours" kind of guy. I hate people that do that because in one way or another every wrestler is better than the rest.

Speed, power, submission, technical are all ways that someone small in one form or another can be better than a big time guy. So to you guys who never said anything about him your cool. I don't intend the talking to stop, I just want to throw out some highlights.

Christian made his wrestling debut in 1995. His debut match was for the light heavyweight title against Taka Minchinoku. Taka, before losing it to Christian, had held this belt for about 10 months. It started out good for Christian but would only get better.

It began as a vampire, teaming up with Gangrel and Edge forming The Brood. This alliance only lasted a year but something historic would come of it, the birth of Edge & Christian.

This began a very long three way feud between themselves, the Hardy and the Dudley boys. E&C together won the tag team titles a total of seven times. A birth of a great match came of this feud, the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. The very first TLC match was at Wrestlemania 2000, not technically but still you know what I mean. E&C won this match. More importantly Christian was the one who got the titles off the wire, yes he had help from Rhyno, but to be fair Spike and Lita also interfered in the match.

Shortly after Edge won the 2001 King Of The Ring Tournament, Christian turned on Edge starting his singles career.

The solo career started out good as he beat Bradshaw for the European Championship. Then came DDP. Christian worked for, then turned on DDP and fought him at Wrestlemania X8. He lost that match, but later on that night he won the Hardcore Title, only to lose it on the same night though.

He began at the Tag Team again with the UN-Americans and after with Chris Jericho. Combined with these two he won the Tag Team Titles twice, once with Lance Storm and once with Jericho.

He was also the Intercontinental Champion three times, beating Edge and Booker T twice.

Christian joined TNA in 2005 quickly rising to the top of the brand. He would go on to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. While he was in TNA he also used Eddie Guerrero's famous Five Star Frog Splash as a tribute to the great wrestler. R.I.P.

When Christian re-joined WWE he was in ECW. While there he won the ECW title twice. In 2009 Christian became the longest reigning WWE-era ECW Champion.

Now Christian is in fact a mid-card wrestler. Nearing the end of a great career and not as good as he once was most would expect that. Along with all these titles he has held are also some non-WWE belts.

ECWA Heavyweight Champion

PCW Heavyweight Champion

Yet another tag team belt in the New Tokyo Pro Wrestling with Sexton Hardcastle. In 2000 with edge were named the Tag Team of The Year by Wrestling Observer Newsletter. 

So lets count them.

Tag Team Champion-10 times

Hardcore Champion-1 time

Light Heavyweight Champion-1 time

Intercontinental Champion-3 times

European Champion-1 time

ECW Champion-2 times

20 times Christian has held gold. Arguably the best tag team as Edge and Christian, Captain Charisma is one way or another, going to go into the Hall Of Fame. Probably with Edge as a tag team but still will be in there.

Now for all the haters out there. I'm listening, go ahead and tell me how bad Christian is tell me how hes such a crappy wrestler and doesn't deserve to be in the WWE.