What Happened On Sunday

Dottie travisCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2010

okay rewind to August 15th Michigan international speedway, the #88 badly loose one moment horribly tight the next. it was NOT a good day for Dale at all and he was quite angry when he got out of his car, after 2 years of this he had finally reached his boiling point and it just happened to erupt like a volcano Sunday after the race.

and you might ask do i blame him, I wholeheartedly say "NO" in fact i am quite proud of him for finally expressing his displeasure. It could be said its about time he spoke his mind instead of taking the BS all the time yet i hear people downing him because he expressed himself I wunder if it would of been different if it had been Kyle busch for instances?

the way that man is treated i am surprised he has remained in Nascar this long let alone in Rick Hendricks clutches, Not to mention a lackluster crew chief who has about as much knowledge of setting these cars up as my cat Tinkerbell dose.

 i am so proud of dale jr for expressing himself as far as his comments about the chase well i dont care for the chase anyway myself i would be happier if they did away with the chase and made it like it was when senior raced.

and as for his other comments he did race his heart and Butt off all day and for what to be disappointed in the end. how much do you really think any man can take before he blows. now I support this man very strongly, I have a great faith in him and i will stand proudly with him No matter how he dose wether he is a winner or a looser. wether he is a champion or not

It dosnt  make a lick of difference to me, what makes a difference is how junior carries himself and honors his family name and i think he dose a gr88t job of that despite the stress he is under.

You cant buy respect-you have to earn it and he has earned mine many times over. so i have spoken my mind just like junior on sunday only i talked nicer. but i wanted to get my point across to everyone.

 give this man a break-he has enough stress trying to live up to his daddys name, Dealing with a second season of failure. instead reach out help him cheer for him just plain LOVE him