Toney vs. Couture MMA Fight = Pujols vs. Manning in Home Run Derby

Jason SchielkeCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2010



Earlier this week, St. Louis Cardinals' first baseman Albert Pujols became the first person in Major League Baseball history to hit at least 30 homeruns in his first 10 seasons.  Combine this with all of his other accomplishments, and Pujols has solidified himself as one of the best players to ever step foot on a baseball diamond.

Peyton Manning is, arguably, the best quarterback in football today.  There isn't another like him that can read a defense, make audibles on-the-fly, and make linebackers run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

With all that said, what would happen if you pitted Manning against Pujols in a homerun derby contest?  It goes without saying that Peyton would get destroyed.

The same would be true if the rolls were reversed.  Manning would destroy "Phat Albert" in a quarterback drill challenge.

The same applies in the case of what has now been dubbed "Boxing vs. UFC."  While James Toney may be somewhat relevant in boxing's heavyweight picture, he has zero experience wearing the fingerless four-ounce gloves. 

In a recent media call, Toney even seemed to dismiss some of the techniques required to become a well rounded mixed martial arts fighter by saying "Kicking is for sissies."  Shortly thereafter, people started calling for a Toney vs. Cro-Cop fight just so he could see how useless kicks really are in MMA



But let's be fair here for a moment.  Both competitions do share similar components.  In the baseball vs. football contest, the only similarity is they both throw a ball around.  In boxing vs. mixed martial arts, the only element shared is punching.

So in all honesty, does Toney have any sort of chance of beating "The Natural" next Saturday night? 

Of course he does.  Is it likely?  Of course not.

In order for Randy to get the fight on the ground, where most people give Toney zero chance of survival, he will have to enter the danger zone.  On his way in, he will have to get within Toney's punching range.  Even though James isn't the hardest hitter, we have all seen what educated hands can do if they connect wearing the baby gloves. 

But the chances of Toney catching Randy on his way in are slim to none.  Couture has shown improved head movement and he'll only have to slip a punch or two before he clinches.  Once that happens, it's game over for "Lights Out."

Up next—Chad Ochocinco vs. Anderson Silva in 2011.  "Football vs. UFC;"  you'll be able to start printing your own money Dana.

Play on Playa.


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