WWE Needs To Make Daniel Bryan a Top Player In the Company

The Jaden SmallingsContributor IAugust 16, 2010

Last night we experienced the biggest blockbuster of the summer—the 23rd annual Summerslam pay-per-view!

Overall it was a good pay-per-view with a lot of surprises, but what surprised me the most was the return of Daniel Bryan.

For those of you who missed it Bryan returned to WWE after a 90-day suspension, and was the seventh member of team WWE, replacing The Miz.

You don't know how happy I was when he returned, he's one of those wrestlers who has it all: charisma, superb in-ring talent and a connection with the fans.

WWE really made a huge mistake when they fired Bryan, and yesterday they made the right decision.

Hopefully, now that Bryan's back, he'll continue his rise to the top by feuding with The Nexus.

Why would I want him to feud with The Nexus rather then Chris Jericho, The Miz, or even Michael Cole?

You see, I want Bryan to be that one guy that really takes it to The Nexus along with John Cena.

It would make a top star out of him, and would generate even more heat for The Nexus.

WWE shouldn't waste Bryan's talent by making him a mid-carder.

As we all already now, WWE needs fresh new top stars, and only Sheamus isn't going to do it for me.

So if WWE has any sense of what the fans want, they will push Bryan and make him a top superstar.

Until next time, peace.

One more thing, did anyone else think Michael Cole was annoying as hell at last night's pay-per-view?