Arsenal 1, Liverpool 1: Almunia Blunder Keeps Wenger in need of GK

John SmithCorrespondent IJune 26, 2016

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Liverpool 1 - Arsenal 1.

Decent result, especially when you consider that our two best players, Cesc and Robin, didn´t play and played 20 minutes respectively.

It was a rollercoaster affair in the end despite being quite a shite game. The two most interesting points of the game obviously coming in virtually injury time of either half. Joe Cole was sent off for a ludicrous challenge in half Nº 1 and Chamakh and Liverpool´s right hand upright assisted Pepe Reina in throwing the ball into his own net in half Nº 2.

I think most of us would have taken a draw going to Anfield on the opening day of the season but I can´t help but think this is 2 of 10 or so points that we are going to drop this season as a result of a lack of discipline and poor goalkeeping.

For all of our lovely play in the first half, especially through Nasri, we had nothing to show for our possession and dominance. Then we were dire in the second half but for a couple of Tomas Rosicky inspired moves, we failed to create anything of substantial substance.... Hmmm... I´ll have to think about using the adjective form of a word to describe itself in the future. It does seem a bit redundantly redundant.

Then you factor in the fact that Liverpool played with 10 men for the entire second half and you´ve certainly got to throw your toys out of your stroller, stamp your feet several times, cry that your helium balloon has flown off into the great blue abyss, and shout with welled-up eyes "Why didn´t we score mommy".

It was pretty poor play by Arsenal in the second half, and that was compounded by the fact that we let Liverpool defend a goal lead.

Arsenal are always going to be a team that plays better when in front. Most teams are. However we are particularly amazing at killing off games because we just play Keep Ball and make the other teams chase and chase and chase... and chase until they are panting like shaggy dogs in Valencia heat. However, when we trail, the pitch gets smaller as the other team start defending deeper and we lose the space in which to exploit the other teams with our superior passing talent. Often we end up playing the ball across the 35 m part of the pitch until possession is broken down or we put in, a generally pathetic, cross into the opposition box... with 1 fucking centre striker.


So I know this dude follows me on Twitter, however I´m still going to tear him a new one for the following reasons.

1) He´s the worst keeper in the Premiership, and I don´t even know who the Blackpool keeper is, but he kept a cleansheet on his debut, so he´s amazing and Almunia is shit.

2) I have my suspicions that Almunia2007 or whatever your twitter account is really Manuel Almunia Arsenal "KEEPER" for 3 seasons too long.

3) He´s really really shit.

Isn´t sad that a TINY part of me (MINISCULE in fact) thought to myself, maybe we should just lose this game due to an Almunia blunder so that Wenger will cop on, get a sneaky bank loan if he needs to, or chat up Daddy Fat Pants Ushmanov and splurge the 3.7 million on Schwartzer, or pay Given´s arably inflated wages.

I don´t know if he SHOULD have saved the only good  thing that Ngog did the whole game. But I do know that a top class goalkeeper would have. I don´t see Petr Cech getting beaten there. I don´t see Edwin van der Sar getting beaten there. I don´t see Pepe Reina getting beat... wait nevermind.

Reina´s blunder will be the one discussed today. However, Almunia was poor as well. And not just for the goal. Did anyone see his PATHETIC flap at THAT corner kick in the first half. The ball was hanging for him and he just flung himself in the air like a wet tampon and just flapped around like a flappy happy elephant. Maybe I´ll just call Almunia dumbo from now on. Although with that nickname we connotate big ears, charm, and the ability to fly despite grotesque obesity. None of which Almunia has or can do... unfortunately. I can´t help but think that a flying goalkeeper would be excellent.

Anyway, I´m going to leave it there. Another plea to sign a goalkeeper before the transfer window shuts to save us that 8 points that we are certain to drop because of Dumbo or Flappianski or Don Vito, or JET playing in goal...

Oh my god. Jay Emmanuel Thomas IN GOAL! He can play everywhere can´t he?!