What Does US Open Behold, a Whole New Era or Just the Same Story?

Chinmay@@iTsChinmaySenior Analyst IIAugust 15, 2010

US open is in many ways different from other grand slams. It has its unique challenges. ‘Flushing meadows’ is a theatre where greatest of the game have performed their craft in masterly manner.  It is a stage where dreams have come true.

It is a platform where legacies have born and legacies have waned. It has speed that few other surfaces can match and it tests the metal of player to the fullest extent. This title has eluded many of the legends in their career and has glorified many rookies.

This year’s US open is in many ways unpredictable and offers a mighty room for surprises.

 Roger Federer, who had a vice grip on this Title, lost it last year. Since then he has not been the same. He did win the Australian open, but otherwise he has not been in the best of form and has slipped in rankings.

Rafael Nadal, by far the best player of the year has never been comfortable on this turf. His best performance has been a Semi-final appearance. The US open is the only grand slam, where the big two have not faced each other in finals yet.

Therefore, results this time are a matter of supreme curiosity. Nobody can bet 100 percent about the winner.

Seeding of the tournament this time might make it possible that Federer and Nadal might face off in Semi finals. It would be highly interesting scenario. Having Roger and Nadal facing off in Semi finals leaves other two slots open for the fresh blood. Andy Murray, Djokovic, Soderling, Del Potro and many others can vie for that spot.

For years, there has not been so much of space for other players to achieve their glory. Federer and Nadal, with their amazing display dominated the arena so much that we have only two other grand slam champions since 2005, namely Novak Djokovic and Juan Del Potro.

I have a strong feeling that this era is coming to an end. The field is much more open now, than it was year before. Other players are stepping up.

One factor that separated Federer and Nadal from others was their mental strength and attitude. This trait took them to surreal podium. Other’s are learning to cope up with it now. Time and time again, different players have proved that it is possible to break the wall.

This time we have a chance to see a new champion born. Having a third different winner may well spell the end notes for Nadal/Federer era. From duopoly, Men’s tennis might shift to the perfect competition.

Who knows? Rafael Nadal may achieve ultimate glory by completing his Grand Slam; Djokovic might solidify his status by capturing the crown. Andy Murray might end the million years long British wait, some much unexpected name might shoot itself to the fame or Roger Federer might rise from the ‘Ashes’ to his rightful position.

I do not want t predict any name. My heart goes with Roger and head with some surprise winner. What is your prediction do let me know.  Thanks for reading.