Novak Djokovic Joins The Party, Ends Rafael Nadal's 32-Win Rampage

Mitch DeppCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2008

Cincinnati, 2008. It's British No. 1 vs. World No. 3 in the finals. Andy Murray vs. Novak Djokovic.

The real story here, though, is the resurgence of a somewhat, peekaboo-here I am again, Djokovic. After winning the Australian Open, things seemed to cool for the brilliant Serb.

Ending the soon-to-be world No. 1 Nadal's 32 match win streak. Seemingly saying, don't start the party without me, Djokovic officially has sent notice that although Nadal is the man to beat, Djokovic is still the man to watch out for!

Providing he doesn't encounter any new health issues, Novak Djokovic will always be a contender and possibly a future No. 1 as well, leaving the rest of the top 10 gawking. This is a party for three: Federer, Nadal and now Djokovic

Troubles seem to continue for embattled No.1, Federer. This time it came in the shape of an almost 7-foot banger named Ivo Karlovic.

Federer, not yet his old self, still trying to hang-on, seemed clueless as how to counter this hard serving, net rushing giant, gave it up in three sets.

This opened the door for others willing to step up and step in. Playing brilliantly these past few days, Andy Murray, reading Karlovic's serves with almost clairvoyant accuracy, ended the Croatian giant's run.

British No. 1 and currently No. 9 in the world, Murray in one of his best outings, seems set for a run as well in the coming U.S. Open.

Things are getting interesting with this turn of events. With the Beijing Olympics coming, serving as some sort of break from the "Tour", next comes the U.S. Open.

There will be the man to beat, the man to watch-out for, the man trying to hang-on and possibly some others playing brilliantly lately trying to join this ever-improving party at the top of the men's tennis world rankings.