Golden Viper: Why Randy Orton Is Primed For Title Reign Number Seven

A. Version 2.0Analyst IIAugust 14, 2010

As we all know, the biggest party of the summer is set to take place on August 15th at the WWE's second biggest Pay-Per-View of the year, SummerSlam.

Compared to SummerSlams of the past, this year's card is less than "acceptable", most of the matches on the card haven't been properly hyped or built up, and unless the Team WWE vs. Nexus match can pull a surprise out of the hat, the PPV is almost destined to be a let down.

One of the matches that has been a victim to poor hyping is the most important match of the night: the WWE Championship Match-Sheamus vs. Randy Orton.

The match shouldn't be ignored, despite the little attention it's been given, although it's a replay of the match-up at the 2010 Royal Rumble. With the no outside interference stipulation, we finally get to see the outcome of this match.

In one corner, you have a bright new star in the WWE, Sheamus, who has already beaten John Cena to become WWE Champion on two separate occasions.

"The Celtic Warrior" is a physically impressive man and has shown a wide variety of maneuvers in the ring.

He has "ended the career" of Jamie Noble, taken John Cena out of the WWE Title Match picture, and somehow always finds a way to win a match, regardless of the odds up against him.

All that is good and well, but Sheamus is slowly becoming one of the biggest current "paper champions" in WWE history. He has never defended and retained the WWE Title cleanly and the one match he did win without help was a Table Match, where John Cena accidentally fell.

Having Sheamus beat his SummerSlam opponent and retain the belt would clearly bring him up a level. Older fans could take the guy a bit more seriously and no longer would he be the punch-line to mayonnaise jokes.   

But this is no easy task for "Mayo-Man", he has to "cut the head" off the WWE's "Viper", Randy Orton.

Sheamus's future with the WWE seems endless.

But, I don't think Sheamus will be able to complete that task.

As the title of this article oh so clearly puts it, I believe Randy Orton will leave SummerSlam with the biggest prize in sports entertainment.

Throughout 2010, the WWE has made Randy Orton look like he is the second coming of "The Texas Rattlesnake", Stone Cold Steve Austin.

I think that is an unfair comparsion, but the younger audience buys into it.

Well, if the WWE is trying to mold Orton into this "Anti-Hero" and Stone Cold is the character that they are trying to emulate, why would Randy Orton be pushed around by someone so "inferior" to him?

If my memory serves me correctly, Steve Austin was never "punk'd" out by any of his opponents and, when push came to shove, Austin usually ended his feuds and rivalries walking out with WWE Championship.

Giving Orton the belt would certainly back up his "tough guy" claim.

"The Apex Predator" of the WWE has yet to taste WWE Gold in 2010 and giving their second biggest star the WWE Title, at the second biggest PPV of the year, would be more then enough to make up for the little role he played at WrestleMainia.

To be real, plenty of wrestlers in WWE history have made a career out of multiple WWE Title reigns, but relatively short reigns, Sheamus will just have to be thrown into that category for the time being.

A perfect example of this is Sheamus's fellow performer, Edge, he has been a nine time Heavyweight Champion in his career, but has never had a reign of more then three months.

Probably unfair, but hey, it's just the way the business works.

Most have probably thought of this reason or something at least similar to it and don't think it's "backed up" enough to ensure that Randy will walk out the Champion.

I have one other reason that the IWC should think about before tabbing Sheamus as the winner at SummerSlam in their prediction articles.

Balance in Raw's next PPV main-events.

Don't understand? Let me explain. 

More times then not, in a WWE Championship Match, there will be a "heel", the bad guy, and there will be a "face", the good guy. In some instances, two "faces" will lock horns as shown in the Wrestlemainia 26: Shawn Michael's vs. The Undertaker.  But two "heels" will never battle, due to less reaction from the crowd.

The SummerSlam WWE Championship Title Match clearly has that, Randy Orton is a "face" and Sheamus is a "heel".

If Randy Orton were to win the WWE Title match, look at all these possible match-ups that could take place.

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Edge

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. John Cena

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Sheamus (rematch)

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. The Miz

All of these matches clearly have a "face" vs. "heel" battle in them with the exception of the Cena vs. Orton match, which would be "face" vs. "face" unless Orton turned "heel".

Erase Randy Orton from those matches and insert Sheamus, these match ups would clearly be different.

You would have "heel" vs. "heel" and there would be no balance in the matches.

Edge turned "face" earlier this year and WWE Universe wouldn't fall for the same trick twice. It just wouldn't be believable.

Chris Jericho simply plays a "heel" too good and has stated that this new, "Best In The World" gimmick will stick around for a while. Also, I don't really think Jericho vs. Sheamus would sell that much.

We have seen Sheamus vs. John Cena a billion times already on PPV and on cable.

Like Jericho, it doesn't seem like Miz will be turning "face" anytime soon. And to be honest, Miz vs. Sheamus won't sell AT ALL.

Giving Orton the belt would bring a some what, "fresh feel" to these matches.

There would be WAY more possibilities and match ups on Raw and more importantly the Raw main event at a PPV if Randy had the strap.

With Triple H out for most of 2010, letting Sheamus keep the belt would hurt the future title defenses even more. The guy would run out of "face" opponents to compete against even faster. 

I like Sheamus, but until the Nexus storyline blows over and "The Game" comes back from action, I just can't see him having a significant reign as the Champion.

If Sheamus turned "face", it would help this situation out, but I don't think Sheamus is the type of guy fans would get behind. With the white "phantom" skin which has been the subject to jokes and the cocky European accent, Sheamus was born to be an elite "heel".

I could be wrong, a new "face" mid-carder could be elevated into the main event spot and be a possible new rival for Sheamus.

John Morrison or R-Truth would be the only guys that would fit the bill, but they haven't done anything recently to be put in a place like that.

Any how, I'm really looking forward to the result of this match and what the WWE plans to do if Sheamus wins.

But as of right now, my SummerSlam WWE Title Match prediction is that Randy Orton will walk out the Champion.

Thanks for reading.

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