Chris Arreola Looks To Win Mexican Heavyweight Showdown Then Major Title

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IAugust 13, 2010

Chris Arreola returns to action tonight against Manuel Quezada. For what its worth, you can tell your kids you saw the greatest Mexican heavyweight showdown in history.

All jokes aside, we are getting a very solid Friday Night Fight main event and one that should prove to be entertaining.

Arreola seems to love these kinds of fights where he is the bigger and more experienced fighter. Well, every fighter loves them but Arreola loves it for a different reason.

He knows that he can go in and knock someone out and frankly, that is what he is going to do tonight. He is facing a capable heavyweight in Quezada.

Quezada has one quality win on his resume. He knocked out Travis Walker in one before we all knew about his chin issues.

Arreola, of course, had a fantastic fight with Walker and ended up putting him away in three after being put down himself.

The big question as always with Arreola will be his weight. He weighed in at 250 ½ pounds for his loss against Tomasz Adamek.

This was a half pound lighter then when he fought Vitali Klitschko for the title. His optimal weight would be between 230-240.

I think the days of that happening are long and way gone. We can also lay to rest the talk about his appearance when he gets in the ring.

He is going to be soft around the waist and look out of shape no matter what. That is how he carries his weight and that is fine with me.

It won’t surprise me, and shouldn’t surprise you, if he comes in at a high weight. He has shown in the past that he will come in higher against a opponent he knows he can beat.

He weighed 239 pounds for a win over Chazz Witherspoon and then came back at 258 ½ when he fought Israel Carlos Garcia.

After weighing 251 pounds for the Klitschko fight he came back and weighed in at 263 for the Brian Minto fight.

Although we should keep an eye on his weight I don’t think his weight will really tell us much. If anything it will tell us that he doesn’t thing Quezada can beat him.

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of this fight it is clearly a good comeback fight for Arreola. Does Quezada have a shot at upsetting Arreola?

Yes he does but his chances appear to be very similar to Minto’s. He is going to be the smaller man by about 20 or 30 pounds.

A banger fighting a guy who is 20-30 pounds bigger just doesn’t end well for most guys. Quezada’s only chance is to catch Arreola with a good shot.

He can do that but lets be realistic, he isn’t going to. Arreola is still a top 10 heavyweight and with a win tonight he will be back in line for a major title shot.