The Gals of Fantasy Football: It's Our Game, And We'll Win If We Want...

Angie MeyerContributor IIAugust 10, 2010


Well Glam Gals, 2010 has hit the mid-August mark. The hot days of summer are winding down, and back to school ads are running rapid.

It's a busy time, and in between pool sessions, tanning, and walks along the beach, we've been busy feeding on a spoonful of Pre-NFL fabulousness—via the NFL summer training camp.

A changing aroma of summer air signals the beginning of season change, and experiencing that change are the fabulous men in our lives.

That's right lovelies, it's the time of year that our husbands, boyfriends, and best "boy" friends become ever-so-antsy.

You may have noticed an increased amount of time the boys have spent in front of the computer, holding the sports section, or watching ESPN.

The above observances indicate the NFL season anticipation has reached its peak, and so with it, the beginning of fantasy football extravaganza.

When I started my column a year ago, it came on the heals of the fantasy football draft season. I recall a number of my favorite gals calling me for fantasy league advice.

I spent hours helping them formulate their teams, pick out players, and lock teams they'd be proud to follow throughout the duration of the fall.

That's when it occurred to me. Fantasy football is no longer just a "man's" sport. We ladies can play a mean game of fantasy, and it's high time that the ladies in offices and leagues throughout America become an integral force in fantasy play. We need our shoe money, after all. Why not beat the boys at a game they consider their own?

Over the next week, I am going to break down fantasy football in a way the gals can best understand. You'll be playing the game like you played the sport, and with that, be prepared to surprise your league-mates with insider knowledge.

What started as a friendly game played in Northern California in the 1960's has become a million-dollar enterprise across the nation. It's time you become a part of the experience. Gone are the days of fantasy football being a man's game. It's our time to shine ladies.

Can't wait for your journey to begin.

Stay Tuned,