Michelle Beadle and the 20 Women Who Deserve Bigger Jobs In Sports

Bailey Brautigan@BBrautiganFeatured ColumnistAugust 5, 2010

Michelle Beadle and the 20 Women Who Deserve Bigger Jobs In Sports

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    What are the two things that guys love the most?

    Well, if you're on this site, the best guesses would be 1. Sports and 2. Beautiful women...not necessarily in that order.

    So you love your sports, and you love your women. Then why don't we see more women with bigger jobs in the sports world?

    Wouldn't you be more likely to pay attention to Erin Andrews than Scott Van Pelt?

    That's what we thought.

    So, here are the 20 women that we'd like to see more of in sports.

20. Kristen Berset

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    You may have never heard of her...yet.

    Kristen is a stunning former beauty queen from St. Petersburg, Florida who is currently a sports anchor for a local television station in Baltimore, Maryland.

    A graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in telecommunications, Kristen is one woman we certainly wouldn't mind getting to know a little better.

19. Wendi Nix

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    Those of you in the New England area may recognize Wendi from her NFL and college football coverage.

    Wendi is no dummy, with degrees from both the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

18. Erin Nicole

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    Erin Nicole started as a traffic girl for a local television station in Detroit.

    She now covers Pistons games, but we highly doubt that men are thinking about basketball when they look at her.

    Erin is a former model and actress. She was even in an Eminem music video.

17. Bonnie Bernstein

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    Bonnie is a co-anchor on 1050 ESPN New York's New York Football Live radio show and is well respected as a sports journalist.

    We think that a beauty and talent like hers shouldn't be hidden behind a radio show.

    We want her on TV!

16. Rebecca Grant

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    Rebecca Grant is a FoxSports NFL anchor that we definitely need to see more of. Grant started in Buffalo, New York and later joined ESPN where she co-hosted NFL Under the Helmet.

    I think that Rebecca might have a little better time getting athletes to open up than her male counterparts.

15. Nicole Briscoe

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    For those of us that have the "need for speed," Nicole Briscoe may be a familiar face. Manske currently hosts NASCAR Now on ESPN2 and is even married to a race car driver.

14. Tiffany Simons

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    Tiffany is a blogger for NBCSports.com, and unlike many people that hide behind a computer screen, she is quite good looking.

    Maybe ESPN will discover her and give her a shot at television.

    We can only hope.

13. Amy Fadool

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    Fadool currently works at Comcast Sports Net Philadelphia as a reporter for all local sports in Philly.

    She is a graduate from the University of Kentucky with a degree in broadcast journalism, working as a broadcast intern at a local Kentucky station while earning her degree.

12. Jenn Brown

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    Brown is a reporter for ESPN's College Gameday for both football and basketball, and she has even hosted the ESPYS.

    She played softball for the University of Florida, becoming team captain her senior year.

    She was fifth in the team's career stolen base list, and now she has gone on to steal the hearts of sports fans everywhere.

11. Jill Arrington

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    Jill was a sidelines reporter for college football and appeared on ESPN's College Gameday.

    She has done voice-over work for Madden NFL video games, and she was voted sexiest sportscaster by Playboy in 2001.

    Jill, we want you back!

10. Michelle Beisner

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    Beisner is a reporter for the NFL Network, and she is a former Denver Broncos cheerleader. She even had a small role in the film Any Given Sunday.

9. Lindsay Soto

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    Soto is also a reporter for the NFL Network for Total Access.

    We would like to have a little more access to Ms. Soto.

8.Hannah Storm

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    Probably the most accomplished woman on our list, Hannah Storm has had her share of broadcast experience. After hosting The Early Show for five years, Storm is currently an anchor on the morning addition of SportsCenter.

    Storm is the first woman in U.S. history to host a broadcast network's sport series solo.

    If that doesn't earn her some more face-time, then we don't know what does.

7. Chris McKendry

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    Chris is a co-anchor on SportsCenter, and we all know and love her.

    She was the first woman to work as a sports anchor in the Washington D.C. market, paving the way for many of the women on our list.

    McKendry attended Drexel University where she received a scholarship for tennis.

6. Melissa Stark

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    Melissa Stark was a sidelines reporter for Monday Night Football, and she has covered the 2008 Olympic Games.

    Why don't more sportscasters look like this?

5. Rachel Nichols

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    Nichols is an ESPN reporter working on Sunday NFL Countdown and Monday Night Countdown.

    She has been with ESPN since 2004.

4. Sage Steele

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    Sage Steele is an anchor for SportsCenter updates as well as a fill in anchor.

    Fun Fact: Sage's father, Gary Steele, was the first African American to play varsity football at West Point.

    Sports are in her blood.

3. Cindy Brunson

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    Cindy Hosts the weekend morning edition of SportsCenter and is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan.

    Cindy is a graduate of Washington State University.

2. Erin Andrews

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    Let's face it:

    Erin Andrews is every sports fan's dream. She is beautiful and she knows her sports.

    What more could a guy ask for?

1. Michelle Beadle

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    Beadle is currently a co-host on Sports Nation, and watching her put the ever-moody Colin Cowherd in his place day after day never gets old.

    Michelle Beadle knows her stuff and can hold her own amongst the "big boys" of the sports world.

    She is also a personal favorite of this sports writer.