The Hockey Season Is Over, Now What? A Hockey Fan's Dilemma

Bernard MadsenContributor IAugust 4, 2010

CALGARY, AB, CANADA - AUGUST 4:  Promotional signage was on display at at McMahon Stadium for the NHL Heritage Classic Press Conference on August 4, 2010 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  (Photo by Dylan Lynch/Getty Images)
Dylan Lynch/Getty Images

Well, that’s the way it worked out to be this last season.


My team gets eliminated in the first round after a much surprising season, when they acquired a cheap goaltender and worked every single buck they invested in him out of the guy (Good for them, though it still hurt to see them get eliminated). 


Then the Blackhawks win the Cup, but get dismembered by a very peculiar and odd management of salary cap, sending many of their key players packing to other places, which has to give the champagne inside the Cup a certainly interesting bitter taste.


After this drama, comes the free agency period.


This still is going on, but now that I look back on everything, a question comes up.


What does a hockey fan do in these days?


Really, somebody answer me.


I mean, I love rallying but I stopped following the WRC after it became a one-man show (It’s just like watching Donald Trump win the lottery, really not cool). Plus, there something about being around the Group B cars which takes away the coolness of today’s rally car, but that’s another discussion.


I also love football, but some genius decided to place both seasons simultaneously so that pretty much does it for me.


Well, there’s always baseball.


No, thanks.


I could watch soccer. After all, it is my country’s preferred sport. But it’s just too slow and all the players pretend to be injured by a silly tap on the ankle or something like that. I truly hate that.


I know, I know, there’s still a very interesting spectacle going on in the free agency market in hockey, with the whole Kovalchuck soap opera, but that really gets on my nerves. I mean, it’s just another overpaid player wanting to get more money and not really playing loyally for the team he prefers(whichever that is going to be), which gives me even more urges NOT to read about him and see where he ends up.


Most likely, just to get a bit of hockey news, I will end up catching up on that soap opera and many others, including the Young and the Modanos, The Carey Price of life and such interesting hockey players perhaps wanting just a bit more money than they should get.


For now, though, these Bleacher Report Top 10s are entertaining, so I’ll stick with these.


So, to all of you hockey fans out there who are faced with the same dilemma, please let me know, what is a hockey fan to do when the season is over?


P.S.: I live in Costa Rica, so a pickup game of street hockey is kinda out of the question. We are outnumbered by the amount of cricket players (which are 30 give or take) so do the math.