Five Ways Randy Couture Can Defeat James Toney

Brandon HinchmanCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2010

Five Ways Randy Couture Can Defeat James Toney

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    Randy Couture...His name beckons an image of Captain American sipping a canteen filled with the water from the fountain of youth. Not only has Randy seemed to evade Father Time, he has become one of the more well-rounded mixed martial artists in the world.

    Randy's a walker between worlds, in a sense. He was there in the beginning when the brutal round robin tournament style was the name of the game, and he's still there, right in the mix with some of the best and strongest MMA has to offer.

    That's not it, though. Randy has also taken the UFC heavyweight championship belt three times, the UFC light heavyweight belt two times, and he's given some of the most famous beatings in the history of MMA.

    Now a loud mouthed boxer thinks he can come in and change the history of Vale Tudo by proving one style of combat is better than multiple ones combined, and he's getting ready to sorely lose.

    Here are five ways Randy will likely gain the advantage and easily win in the fight:


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    From the clinch to takedowns, Couture will easily close the gap and beat Toney up. Randy will likely not even bother trying to pass guard as the half guard is usually all he needs to give a severe beating.

    Once Toney remembers what pulling guard is, Randy will have passed it and taken his back.

Dirty Boxing

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    This is Randy's bread-and-butter. If Toney gets pushed up against the cage, he'd better be ready to fight in the clinch.

    Couture was dirty boxing Brock Lesnar and was succeeding at it for a good amount of time. If he can do that to such a powerhouse, who in the world would think a pudgy boxer stands a chance against "Captain America" against the cage?


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    Toney's a boxer. What happens when one boxer falls to the ground? The ref splits them up and gives a count.

    What happens in MMA when a fighter falls to the ground? He gets a barrage of punches.

    The most anticipatory aspect of this upcoming fight is the ground-and-pound portion. We all know it's inevitable, and it will be a nice throwback to the early 90s to see how boxers handle such treatment.

    Sorry, James, but no MMA ref will stop a ground assault.


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    If you've ever wrestled or grappled with a newbie, you know how effective a tool smothering can be. To a newbie who is breathing out of his mouth in the first minute or two on the mat, all one needs to do is take his time and use leverage to push the air out of his opponent to win.

    Toney is not nearly in as good of shape as he used to be. Granted he might be able to still do a lot of rounds of boxing, add in clinch work, wrestling, avoiding a choke and spending vital energy escaping from an inferior ground position, and Toney may actually beat himself.

    Randy might actually be able to win by pulling off a Wrestling 101 cradle, never know.


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    Granted many think that Toney will be the most dangerous striker between them, in a boxing match you'd be right. But this is MMA.

    How well can Toney kick? Can he dirty box? How about knees? Or more importantly, how well can Toney defend against these techniques?

    Will Toney be more concerned with striking in the clinch, or will he be concentrating on his takedown defense as he will quickly realize that going to the ground with a wrestler of Randy's caliber is off limits if he wants to have a shot at winning.

    Couture can strike and grapple with the best in world (short of a couple key fighters do to contract issues). As a result, Toney's banking on Randy making a mistake. Really, that's a foolish thing to do when entering the Octagon, and it's a pathetic strategy.

In Conclusion...

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    While it's true that many fighters have hyped fights as much as Toney has, no fighter in the Octagon has been as unprepared as Toney is for this fight. As he eloquently told MMAFighting, "I don't know Jiu Jitsu, I don't know wrestling. All that I know how to do is fight. Period."

    To give an accurate comparison, this is essentially like an Olympic swimmer competing in a triathlon against a professional triathlete and saying that bicycling and running don't matter, that being a swimmer is good enough.

    From experience, I can tell you that no matter how well you can swim, there are always two more legs to go.

    The more Toney runs his mouth, the more he's digging his MMA grave. This is going to be a sweet victory the "The Natural."