R&R: Breaking Down The Nxt Rookies

Michael FinleyContributor IJuly 29, 2010

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Rant'in and Rassl'in, the Fin Kliq! Today I will rank the season two Rookies and show all of their faults. Now look: we all know who the 3 Future Stars are in the making and the best one that will be booked horridly. Its the other 4 who I have issues with. I think they will leave WWE after Nxt is over, mainly because there is no room on Smackdown! to handle all the rejects. Here is the list:

8.That guy who was first elimanited..... you know....... ummmm....... the big guy? The guy who could'nt do a thing?

 7. Eli Cottonwood: this guy has no potental. He has this creepy look- and it is NOT a plus when you look like you were pulled of How to Catch a Padeter and put in a ring.

6. "Showtime" Percy Watson: this guy serves one purpose on Nxt: to put meaning to Stone Cold's "What?" chants. I have to rewind the DVR just to understand what he says. He can barely wrestle. I have not seen one good match with him. However, I do have to say I loved that heel Percy we saw a few weeks ago.

5. Lucky Cannon: Now we are getting to to the one trick ponys. First and formost-this is THE worst name on a show full of them. His gimmick would work with just Lucky Joe or Edan, but Cannon? Shame too, because while he is more vahnila on the stick then that milkshake I had the other day, he can wrestle.

4. Alex Riley: This guy will be a huge star. He fits WWE's mold wonderfully. AKA, he is great on the Mic but only decent in the ring. Plus, he and Harris are the only heels on Nxt, making them stand out.

3. Kaval: I hope that Kaval leaves after this. He could be the worst booked person in WWE if he goes to Smackdown! or RAW. Plus, we all know what happened to the last hot shot independent in WWE...

2. Husky Harris: This guy can wrestle. He can talk. And he doesn't have the body of a greek god. I hate that they don't use his real name. As Mr. Anderson would say at a WWE creative meeting, "I would like to welcome you to a meeting of assholes".

1. Joe Henning: I refuse to use Mcgula whatever as his last name. At least with Lucky and Husky, they make a tiny bit of sense, but really? Anyway, the son of Perfection really has perfect potental, in a few years he could be the new Randy Orton.

That is it for today my Kilq. Please comment below.