Rantin' and Rasslin': How Joey Mercury Should Have Been Unmasked On SD!

Michael FinleyContributor IJuly 26, 2010

Welcome to the 2nd edition of R&R, Finnation. Today, I will look at the giagantic brain fart that was the unmasking of JoMe. Before I say this though, I would like to thank the WWE for the awesome new Cody Rhodes. The music is perfect, his promos are epic now, and the mirror in the Titan Tron is quote simply the greatest idea for cheap heat I have ever seen. I joked on one article a while ago I would be a "Rocky Mavia" face that turns into a heel, but i f I could enter the WWE or TNA with any gimmick, I would pick Cody's.

Now that I am done praiseing the WWE, I will now do what 90 percent of the IWC above the age of 12 do: hate on it.

 When I first heard JoMe was the Masked Man, I was happy that he was able to kick his drug issues and come back in a major role. However, WWE waited too damn long to reval him. 6 F'in months. I would of waited 2 months, and remember when Serana was going to be kicked out of the SES but Punk didn't want it to happen? Well, here is how it should have happened in March:

Punk and Gallows call out Serana to confront her about the leaked tape, when Serana comes out to tell them she made a bad mistake and wanted to apoligize and come back into the SES. However, both Punk and Gallows want her out until Mercury jumps the fence, tells them "I made a bad mistake too", and unmaskes to revail himself to be JoMe. He then shows a short video package that shows his prevouis time in the WWE, his firing and desent into the world of drugs, then finnaly how straight edge changed his life for the better. JoMe then asks Punk and Gallows to forgive them both for their mistakes. After mulling over it for a second, Punk tells them (after doing the "condeming all drugs" thing he does before he speaks) basically "He can stay, but she has broken the rules of straight edge after she had taken the pledge". JoMe then says "If she goes, I go". Then Punk and Gallows attack JoMe untill Rey-Rey makes the save, and this all sets up Punk/Gallows vs Rey/JoMe w. Serana for Wrestlemania.

I know this makes the SES die a premature death, and believe me, I love them (I am SXE myself), but this gives JoMe an epic push and would have made the WM match have much more heat.

Okay, thats all for now. Oh yeah, and Joe was right: they have taken down my article and I will not be doing the compition between BR writers. :(