ECDumb:Spitting On The Grave

Michael FinleyContributor IJuly 22, 2010

Before we start I have a few things to say. First of all, thank you everybody for reading my 1st article. 2ndly, This will be the first in a Thursday/Monday series, where I rant about rasslin'. 3rdly, I would like to wish that "Superstar" Billy Graham recovers soon. Finally, Happy B Day HBK!

When ECW started in 1992, it was different. It went aganist everything the WWE was about at the time: It was drugs! Sex! Rock and Roll! And home of the smartest fans ever.

In other words, it was the spirit of the 90s! Not only that, but it was about wrestling first and formost. You had Stone Cold, Mick Foley, RVD, Y2J, Tajiri, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit and many others molding together like a piece of blood cake toped with mini steel chairs served on a table on fire and with some of Paul E.'s Kool-aid or with the Sandmans' Long Island Ice Tea. Take your pick.

Even guys who couldn't wrestle like the Sandman and Public Enemy got great gimmicks and become a great part of the show!

Then, WWF and WCW saw how good ECW was and stole the secret formula under Heymans nose! Not only that, but they also stole some ingredents and some of that excelent Ice Tea!

When Public Enemy and Sandman where in WWF and WCW, they're weaknesses as wrestlers showed, and they crawled back to ECW. But the damage was done when they stole they're best wrestlers, like Y2J and Stone Cold, and basicly made thier programs WWFECW and WECW!

ECW died in 2001. Let me repeat myself: ECW died in 2001. Why did Vince not learn this until half a year ago, and Dixie will never?

It was a great promotion, but it is like an old rock band: Some of the members are gone, others are too out of shape to do much, and the rest are so wasted, they still think the Rock is the biggest star in WWE right now!

There are a few exceptions (AKA RVD and Jerry Lynn) and while others like Dreamer still have heart, they can't do much in the ring execpt for hitting people with the dreaded cookie sheet and getting hit with steel chairs.

I was not excited for the ECW brand in 2006, because 1: I knew WWE would drop the ball, 2: most of the orginals would be gone within a year, and 3:all of the above.

Without the originals, WWECW sucked. There were a few guys who would have fit right in in the old ECW, like Punk, but The Miz was the very opposite of what ECW was, as was John Morrision.

Now we are going through the same thing with TNA. And you didn't want Daniels fired?

Not only this, but Hard Justice isn't even IN Philly or New York, the ECW citys. It is in Orlando. Yes, the place with Disney. Something tells me Sandman will be arrested leading up to the show by Caning Dewey......'s favorite mouse, Mickey.

My hope is that this will be a nice and quick angle. No need to push some old guys long-oh yeah. This is TNA.

"If Cena wins, we riot" was seen on a sign at ECW One Night stand 2006. Well, I believe that at Hard Justice, somebody needs to bring that sign back. Only instead of "If Cena wins", turn it into "If ECW is revived agian, we riot."

Because all Vince and now Dixie are doing is not making a tribute, but spitting on the grave.