What's Going On At Hispania Racing?: Yammamoto In, Chandhok Out!

Antony HerbertAnalyst IIIJuly 17, 2010

NORTHAMPTON, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 09:  Sakon Yamamoto of Japan and Hispania Racing Team drives during practice for the British Formula One Grand Prix at Silverstone on June 9, 2010, in Northampton, England.  (Photo by Malcolm Griffiths/Getty Images)
Malcolm Griffiths/Getty Images

A miraculous game of musical chairs seems to be taking place at Hispania Racing.

With Japanese driver Sakon Yammamoto taking place of Bruno Senna in Great Britain and Karun Chandhok in Germany, the trend of substitutions looks to continue as former Red Bull driver and Hispania test driver Christian Klien also waits in the wings for a few Grand Prix appearances.

Hispania Racing have cut their losses and are using the remainder of their first season in the sport to increase in their knowledge and potential.

You may have heard of a test session, but this is set to now be a test season!

In one respect the team ought to be commended. They are using their initiative to search for an optimum in performance and will look to use this to push forward next year. They want to be competitive and are aiming for it.

They are also giving themselves the opportunity to choose the best two drivers for future seasons. With all four of their drivers able to prove their worth by the seasons end, the team are setting themselves up nicely.

Austrian driver Christian Klien is certain to relish the chance. He exited the sport after failing to deliver as a permanent driver at Red Bull.

Yet the Austrian was never the worst the sport had to offer. He just seemed to lack the confidence that would edge himself deep into the limelight.

He will now know the urgency required to produce a credible collection of performances when he takes to the wheel.

The season's main drivers for Hispania, Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok have been slow but consistant at the same time.

We have to remember that it is difficult to determine just how good or bad they are when the car beneath them affords little room for success. They are permitted to nothing more than a back row seat to the season's events.

You have to wonder consequentially whether this gifts them a greater respect for the continuation of drivers who manage to grace the sport for years on end. That is their challenge to achieve, and they will no doubt tackle it head on.

Sakon Yammamoto seems on a level playing field with both Senna and Chandhok. He is another driver who has already had a hand in the sport.

His appearances have been somewhat sporadic up until this point. With only a small dose of Grand Prix at both the Super Aguri and Spyker teams, he has yet to taste the delights of Formula 1 on a regular basis.

This is his chance to gain that exposure. He seemed a fair match to Chandhok in Great Britain and will look to build upon these solid foundations.

One downside there may be to the musical chairs that has developed at Hispania Racing is the lack of momentum that could be carried from keeping the same two drivers in racing seats.

Virgin Racing and Lotus, unlike Hispania, have stood firm on their driver choices. What is to stop them from etching out a widening gap to the Spanish team?

You have to wonder what armour the Hispania would have in reserve for such an occurrence. Would a one in, one out rule really be able to compete with their improved rivals, or would they just become an even larger embarrassment?

Luckily, it would appear that neither of their rookie counterparts look able to move ahead as the season progresses.

All three teams are placing their bets on a more fruitful 2011 campaign.

The gamble taken by Hispania remains to be seen in its outcome. At least they are attempting to catapult the miserable scenes that have unfolded at the back of the grid.

They are trying to undo the damaged reputation that has befallen upon themselves, their rookie rivals and also the FIA who gave each team their spot.

And in a sport where forgiveness is hard to come by and where failure is even harder to overcome, they are proving their spirit by not admitting defeat.