Why My New Job Offer May Be The Coolest Thing Ever

Charles AllenCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2010

I am one of those people who can say, without a doubt, that I enjoy my chosen profession.

I have been lucky enough to work for a good company, with good people, and have managed to do alright so far in life. I have lived in my hometown for 31 years, and am very comfortable with the daily routine.

In one of those "once in a lifetime" scenarios, the tiny company for whom I work has decided to expand. This was never even considered a possibility during my tenure. But somehow, in the midst of a bad economy, a small family-owned roofing supply company in Columbus, OH has decided to open up a new branch.

The location? Every NASCAR fans dream destination, Charlotte, North Carolina.

At first, this was simply a rumor, and one that seemed very unlikely. As time passed, different stories began to shape what would soon be a reality. My curiosity had been drawn into the situation, and wondering how I could play a part in the story.

On the Wednesday prior to the Coca Cola 600, of all races, my boss asked me the question I was hoping to hear. Would I be interested? Yes sir, I certainly would.

While understanding that the new role will feature more responsibilities and will require a lot of effort, I am very excited to tackle the project head on. I am very dedicated and willing to do the required work in exchange for the chance to live in "Race City, USA."  For a longtime NASCAR fan who loves the sport, this is the coolest thing that could have happened.

Just knowing that my hometown is the hub of the NASCAR universe and I'll get three big races every year, as well as knowing that I may run into any number of drivers along the way is almost unexplainable. I can't believe that things are working out this way, but sure am happy they are.

This is one of maybe three cities in our country that I would move everything that I have and leave behind a city I love for. My footprints will probably be worn into the floor of the Hall Of Fame, and I'll probably have a lot of great photos to share with everyone back at home in Ohio.

If anyone needs a place to crash on race weekend, be sure to look me up. I'll be the OSU Buckeye fan gladly sticking out like a sore thumb. If anyone has made it this far without moving on to another story, thank you. I appreciate the forum.