Pro Wrestling's Dark Side (Part 1)

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IJuly 12, 2010

In the world of pro wrestling, there are many great moments that we can look back at and be proud of.

Moments like Bobo Brazil breaking the color barrier and becoming the first black world heavyweight champ are things we can certainly look back at and smile.

But with all the great moments we as pro wrestling fans can enjoy, there are also many dark parts of its history we wish we could forget.

In this article I will be going over a few of these dark spots. They will range from assault and sex scandals to murder. While these shocking moments didn’t cripple our beloved pastime, they certainly have to make you think a little on how just sick and twisted pro wrestling can be.


The Death of Bruiser Brody

Bruiser Brody is known as one of wrestling’s legit tough guys. In his prime he would enrage fans and promoters all over the world with his tactics.

He was known as a hard man to work for that would not only change outcomes of matches, but he would also hurt his opponents in the ring if they didn’t cooperate with him.

Despite the troubles he caused over the years, he was still a major draw. So the promoters and fans would just have to deal with it. This all changed on one fateful night in 1988.

Brody was in Puerto Rico on a tour with Tony Atlas. On the last day of the tour he was asked to do a job to Dan Spivey. Well needless to say Brody wanted no part of this and refused.

His refusal to job that night would shake the foundation of pro wrestling forever. Promoter and local legend Jose Gonzalez didn’t take the news to well and asked to meet Brody in the locker room. It was there that Brody would be stabbed to death in a shower stall.

Gonzalez was arrested and spent only one night in jail. He was cleared of all charges a year later.

During the investigation the murder weapon somehow went missing which was a big reason for him getting off. Also during the trial, not a single American wrestler would testify that day.

That was believed to be in part of the death threat given to Atlas if he spoke a word of the incident. Brody’s death will be remembered as one of wrestling’s biggest scandals.


The Sid Vicious/ Arn Anderson Brawl

In wrestling it is no surprise that both competitors work together inside the ring to put on a good match.

For the most part, they are even most likely friends, and even if they aren’t, they will usually put their personal differences aside in order to give the fans a good show.

Well some times two people just don’t see eye to eye and things can get ugly. This was the case between two of wrestling’s biggest legends Arn Anderson and Sid Vicious.

In 1993, at the Moat House Hotel in Blackburn, England, these two would go on to have brawl that will never be forgotten. During an argument between the two things would get heated and come to blows.

But this fight would become much more interesting after a pair of scissors would become involved into the mix.

In a fit of rage Sid would go on to stab Anderson 20 times. Anderson got in four himself, but it was Anderson who would be fighting for his life.

Both men would be taken to the hospital and survive, but due to Sid’s actions he was released from the company.

Anderson would stay with WCW and compete, but things were never the same for this legend in the squared circle.

Sid would disappear and not be seen on TV for over a year. He was finally brought back into the mainstream when he was hired by the WWF.


The WWF Steroid Scandal

Before baseball would hog all the press with talks of steroids, it was pro wrestling that would earn this honor in the early 90’s.

While it was no secret to many inside and outside the business that the wrestlers were hitting the pills to get big, Congress decided they would finally expose Vince for his practices in 1991.

During their investigation, they would expose Hogan, Piper and a dozen others who were using steroids.

Vince had thought he caught a break when Hogan refused to testify on the trial. His early celebration was very short lived though, because Piper would go on the stand and tell them what they needed.

When asked if he was sent to pick up steroids at Titan Towers he told them yes. He even went as for as to name some of the stuff he used.

It took only 90 minutes for the jury to comeback with a guilty verdict. This verdict would hit all the major papers and bring Vince down to his knees.

He would see not only his stock drop, but PPV and merchandise sales. It took Vince a while to recover, but he did and regained his glory during the attitude era.

I hope you enjoyed part one of this series. Please stay tuned for Part Two coming soon.