Batista Starts Training for MMA but Who Cares?

John KindelanAnalyst IIIJuly 9, 2010

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  Batista climbs back into the ring against World Heavyweight Champion Edge during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)
Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

Dave Batista, in my opinion one of the most overrated wrestlers ever in the industry, began his training for MMA this week, and frankly, who cares?

I suppose it’s not a matter of who cares, it should be more of a matter of good, and I’d like to see him get beat up.

Batista is apparently still continuing to believe what Vince McMahon has told him, he's "The Animal," he's unstoppable, and he has the skills to beat his opponents and get the crowd behind him. 

What someone should be telling him is: Dave, you're 41, you have no amateur wrestling background, you were a bar bouncer, you’re not Brock Lesnar, what are you doing?!

Batista has a history of believing his hype; he had a backstage fight with Booker T because he had no respect for the industry and basically told Booker that it didn't matter that he had been doing it his whole life because clearly look how great he is, so Booker put him in his place by giving him a black eye.

If he can't win a fist fight with Booker T how is he going to survive any type of Mixed Martial Arts fight?

I don't see a lot of cage fighters using the "big boot" or a shoulder block in the Octagon.

Let’s walk through Dave's WWE career which started back in 2002 where he was Deacon Batista, the body guard for Reverend Devon. This was a minor stint of him walking around carrying a box, probably some of his best work.

He then went on to be saved, career wise, by HHH as he was brought into Evolution and teamed up with HHH and Flair who essentially made Batista and Orton what they are today.

Eventually H turned on Batista and he became the face while H stayed the heel. This is due I'm guessing to the high amount of soccer moms who find him attractive. He went on to win at WrestleMania and capture gold.

Batista's best championship reign was where he had taken the belt from Chris Jericho, only to lose it back to him eight days later. Turning over the belt may have been due to injuries as Batista has been very susceptible to them his entire WWE career, but for a man his age and build, it should be expected.

Now I'm not the only one who isn't a fan of "The Animal" after he criticized AJ Styles and TNA wrestling, AJ had this to say: "I think it's funny that a guy who takes a bump and tears his back tells me that I don't know how to wrestle."

Brock Lesnar was asked what he thought of Batista becoming a mixed martial artist and he commented “Get in line, everybody and their dog wants to get into fighting. Next question. We’re talking heavyweight championships, not some wannabe."

In trying to find something good about Batista here is what I came up with:

His Entrance. No, he does his little Wonder Woman spin and he can never match up his machine gun move with the pyro.

His Moves: Big Boots, shoulder blocks, clothe lines and power bombs, even Cena knows more moves than Batista.

His Rivalries: HHH, Orton, HBK, Mysterio, Jericho and Edge; he's not fit to carry their gym bags. Just because you work out, have tattoos, and can do a good impression of the Ultimate Warrior in the ring does not mean you’re in their league.

With Rey Mysterio his rivalry was the worst. One minute hugging him, carrying him around like he's his little buddy, to smacking him around. It was like watching Lenny turn on George.

Titles: Tag Titles and World Titles. He never held the IC, US champ or any other, apparently he was too good for this. Every guy should work their way up, being catapulted to the top only results on you crashing into the wall.

The best thing about Batista was his work at the very end in his rivalry with Cena and demanding that everyone like him and telling Cena he can't beat him.

We may have actually been watching the real Batista on screen; I like to refer to it as the "Tool" era.

Dressing in tank tops and women’s sunglasses, vests and leather pants, he played the best d-bag on TV, probably because it was the least stretch he ever had to do in wrestling.

Best of luck in MMA Dave, let’s see if your ego and mentality keep you from becoming a stain on the mat and hopefully it won’t result in a big return to the WWE.