TalkSport's Adrian Durham Calls Arsenal Football Club a Disgrace...

Akhil VyasCorrespondent IJune 4, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 09:  Arsene Wenger the Arsenal manager during the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Fulham at The Emirates Stadium on May 9, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)
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I was driving to North London and happened to be listening to a radio station which anyone in England and certainly London will be aware off; ‘TalkSport’.


Adrian Durham is a presenter which I am sure most people are aware off. I often listen to TalkSport around that time as I am often driving home from university or work.


The whole Cesc Fabregas, ‘Will he? Or Wont he?’ story was rumbling on. Adrian Durham was on and a co-presenter was on arguing the cases.


The main debate was about Arsenal holding out for a good price and rejecting Barcelona’s first bid of £29.2m for Cesc Fabregas. Arsenal rejected the bid and said Cesc is not for sale.


The Co-presenter was saying that Arsenal should hold out for a good price and a bid of £29.2m shows a lack of respect and Cesc is worth a lot more. He went on to say that football is a business and Arsenal own the player and have him on a long term contract and is well in their own right to hold out for a higher price. Just because a player wants to leave, a club shouldn’t lie down and take it and that’s why contracts are made up.


Adrian Durham was arguing that Arsenal had ‘stolen’ Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona. He admitted that Arsenal didn’t break any rules legally but found a loop hole and it was wrong morally. He is under the impression that Barcelona made Cesc Fabregas but cannot seem to see that it was Arsenal who gave Cesc Fabregas first team football and put him on the world stage. Durham said that Arsenal always believe in morals so they should accept what ever bid Barcelona offer and sell him back to his boyhood club. He then went on to say ‘Arsenal is a disgrace if they do not sell him back’.


That sentence shows me why Adrian Durham is a radio presenter and not connected with any club in a real way. Football is as much a business as anything else in the world. Durham says Arsenal ‘say’ they have morals, which they do, but Arsenal also say that football is a business and Arsene Wenger has always maintained that football is a business. Durham seemed to have missed that second bit. Adrian Durham was happy to focus on the morals Arsenal say they have and have, but not on the fact that Arsene Wenger has been running Arsenal like a business for years! For me, he is just looking at what he wants to look at and not looking at the whole picture and in my opinion, that’s a disgrace! A radio presenter who is just looking at half the picture is a disgrace.


Firstly Durham’s theory about Barcelona making Fabregas is not justified. Yes he played for their youth team and yes he was brought up there, BUT he came to Arsenal because he was more or less guaranteed first team football quicker then he was at Barcelona. Arsenal did not steal him, we did not kidnap him, and instead he decided to come to Arsenal. Arsenal gave him first team football; Mr Wenger even put him in the team instead of buying a replacement for Patrick Vieira which shows a massive amount of confidence in Cesc. Mr Wenger made Cesc skipper and planned a whole project around Cesc.


Adrian Durham forgets that Barcelona focused so much on keeping the services of a certain Messi that they let Cesc Fabregas slip through their fingers. If it was possible to keep Messi, could they not have tried harder to keep Cesc? I cannot answer that, only Barcelona can answer that, and certainly Adrian Durham is in no position to answer that.


Sometimes, I feel Adrian Durham should keep some of his opinions to himself. Using words such as ‘disgrace’ puts him in danger and in this case, he is bang out of order. Admittedly I am a passionate Arsenal fan and will always defend the club but when people like Durham say silly things like this without looking at the whole picture, it starts to really wind me up!


In my opinion, morals in football do not always exist. If they did, every player and manager would see out their contract and only sign a contract if they plan to stick to it. Arsenal is well in their right to try and get a good deal for Cesc as it is business. People like Adrian Durham who tries to get more listeners and callers by saying his silly views need to keep their opinions to themselves and learn that in an industry like the media, bias is something that shouldn’t exist.


Once again, if someone connected to Adrian Durham or perhaps Durham himself reads this then, you (Durham) focus on what Arsenal say about morals and therefore should sell Cesc for whatever Barcelona bid then you should look at the bigger picture. We also say we are a business and if you can’t see that Arsene Wenger has been running Arsenal like a business then you are in the wrong industry and I am happy to throw you a retirement party.



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