Real Reality: Is Manuel Pellegrini About to Be Fired by Real Madrid?

Khalid KhanCorrespondent IMay 19, 2010

MADRID, SPAIN - MARCH 28:  Real Madrid manager Manuel Pellegrini looks out from the dug-out before the start of the La Liga match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on March 28, 2010 in Madrid, Spain.  (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)
Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Ever since a humiliating exit from Copa del Rey at the hands of Spanish third division Alcorcón, Real Madrid head coach Manuel Pellegrini has been criticized, questioned, and completely written off by the Madrid media, with the football website leading the often disgusting and revolting offensive.

A draw against Málaga in the last round of La Liga last Sunday seems to have added the last straw, even when in recent days several players have come out in the media to support Pellegrini.

Despite pleading for stability, continuity, and patience by many fans, it seems only inevitable that Real Madrid will go down the same road again.

Putting all the blame of all the mistakes squarely on the head coach, and then sack him as a scapegoat, serves to conceal other shortcomings in the club’s administration.

Such is the state that Florentino Pérez led the club into in his first term before resigning as a direct consequence of underachievement, and now being, maybe true to his past reputation, it is going to happen all over again.

Club has not denied nor confirmed rumors surrounding impending firing of Pellegrini, and appointment of current Inter Milan coach José Mourinho in his place.

After the match against Málaga, Real Madrid director general Jorge Valdano was unclear with his words about the future of Pellegrini.

"With regards to (Pellegrini), now we will discuss this inside the club and we'll see what decision we take. Today is not the day to take decisions," Valdano said. "The end of the season has arrived, now we have a lot of time ahead and we'll see what course we take next season. We aren't going to talk outside the club about something we haven't yet talked about inside."

Reports say that  Mourinho, who still has two years to go with the Serie A club, has reached a verbal agreement to join the Spanish capital club after the Champions League final on May 22, while €8 million will leave Santiago Bernabéu for San Siro.

Mourinho commented that he is "very, very, far away from being the Real coach," but that doesn’t completely answer the questions, now does it?

In typical Mourinho non-answer style, he also went on to say that, "Right now I can tell you 100 percent that it's not true that I have one-and-a-half feet at Real.” The word “right now” makes this remark very suggestive, and/or ambiguous.

And to this Valdano said, "We aren't going to get into this. Mourinho has other battles, and we have to continue forward independent of opinions and outside statements."

Should he go, Pellegrini would be handed €4 million to walk away from Real Madrid. For all his crucial mistakes, Pellegrini has managed to score club record 96 points, 31 wins, and consecutive nine away wins.

There are also shocking reports that Florentino Pérez is becoming disillusioned with the “spectacular project” that has failed to win a single trophy in its first year.

If that were to be true, then that is a worrying fact, perhaps even more than the sacking of Pellegrini, is that Real Madrid management is showing a fickle and hasty approach by looking to get success in a hurry, and with no regard to building a sporting project with patience, perseverance, and persistence.

Obtaining Mourinho will also require some swallowing of pride, and eating of one's own words by Valdano, because he had criticized his Chelsea’s playing style in that famous “shit hanging from a stick” 2007 Marca column.

Now how Valdano would bring himself to take that advisory step no one knows.

A new season is more than three months away, but a new coach may soon be on his way to Madrid as has been the case in past.

Club will go back to the square one but how many times has that happened in the last decade is not an enviable record.