TNA IMPACT Preview New Insight, News On Former TNA Star Shelly Martinez

Christopher DunfeeContributor IIMay 13, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen that's right TNA iMPACT! returns to T Thursday night's at 9 PM/ET. Alex Marvez said it best TNA's new meaning is Thursday Nights Again. Monday Night iMPACT! was only given a two month run at most. It's strange to me how Dixie Carter and the higher ups gave up so quickly especially when they were making progress when they moved to the 8 o'clock time slot (averaging 0.9-1.01 rating from 8pm-9pm). I am not sure if Hogan, Carter and others realized they moved to Monday night's at the worst possible time. If you remember, they moved during the Wrestlemania 26 build, fall out of Wrestlemania 26, build up to the WWE 2010 Draft, and fall out of the draft (which is still going on its second week). So did TNA make the right choice to pull out so early? Well, I personally think that TNA gave up on their own product way to soon. But that's just one mans opinion. You be the judge.

Now to the first ever Thursday Night's Again edition of TNA iMPACT!

The main event will feature a huge Triple Threat match with TNA Champion Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy & AJ Styles. Should be one hell of a match. All three of them are great workers.

The card will feature TNA Knockouts Taylor Wilde and Tara facing each other in a HOT singles match.

Douglas Williams and "The" Brian Kendrick will face each other representing the TNA X-Division.

There will be a huge Four-way Tag Team match that will feature Motor City Machine Guns vs Team 3D vs Beer Money vs Ink Inc.

The Sting heel turn will continue to be questioned, and the build to Jeff Jarrett and Sting will continue leading to the TNA Sacrifice PPV.

Tag Champion Matt Morgan will get a new tag team partner which will be assigned to him by Hulk Hogan for TNA Sacrifice PPV. (HUGE CHANGE HERE FOLKS, I WONT SPOIL IT)

This and a whole lot more, overall it seems like a solid show leading to the May 16th Sacrifice PPV, but we need to see how well TNA will be able to build up the matches. And how well everything is going to come off on TV.

Heres to hope that TNA can put on a solid show as they return to Thursday Nights Again! Be sure to tune in to FOW Radio to listen to a live interview with Former TNA Knockout Shelly Martinez, reaction to TNA iMPACT!, new Blast For The Past segment and more.

Send In your questions for Former TNA Knockout Shelly Martinez: This Sunday night live at 6PM/E our special guest will be former TNA Knockout/WWE Diva Shelly Martinez. She will be live on the show answering all of your quesitons. All you have to do is send them in to For even more info head over to the site folks,

Thanks I hope you enjoyed my TNA iMPACT! Preview,

Al M.