What the drafting of Spiller tells me

Paul KasprzakContributor IMay 5, 2010

I have been meaning to get to this for a while now, but thanks to it being the end of the Spring semester here at Buffalo State things have just gotten crazy.

The Buffalo Bills surprised most Bills fans with the drafting of running back CJ Spiller in the first round of this past April’s National Football League Draft.

A couple of points come to mind on why they drafted Spiller and here they are.

First, the Bills front office is not sure on how long running back Fred Jackson will stay in his prime as he is 29 years old and 30 is the age where most running backs decline, which also means they will take Jackson off kickoff return duties and replace him with Spiller..

Secondly, Spiller is insurance in the event that Lynch hasn’t learned his lesson and gets arrested again.

Third, Roscoe Parrish is on his way out the door as head coach Chan Gailey has stated that he prefers tall wide receivers.  Obviously, they will keep Evans as he is just so darn good.

Fourthly, cornerback Terrence McGee is no longer going to be apart of special teams as his body cannot handle both duties and due to the fact that he will be 30 years old in October.

Fifth, with cornerbak Leodis McKelvin coming off a broken bone in his leg from last year they probably are going to limit his special teams duties to kickoff returns, along with Spiller.

Many people aren’t going to like what I am going to say, but taking Spiller was the right move as it allows the Bills to see if offensive tackle Demetrius Bell can handle to left tackle  position with a full offseason of preparation.

Also, it allows head coach Chan Gailey to see if can turn one of the Bills current quarterbacks into a franchise quarterback, which people forget he has done with quarterbacks AJ Feely with the Miami Dolphins and quarterback Tyler Thigpen with the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the end, as hard as it is sometimes we all need to be patient fellow Bills fans.