The Committee Has Spoken-The Hits and Misses of the Tournament

Hamza AhsanCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2010

As we all know, the selection committee has chosen their top 65 teams to make it into the NCAA tournament. There are a lot of hits and misses in terms of teams they chose in to the NCAA Tournament:


Minnesota- I do not know how in the world they could have not included Minnesota into the tournament. After beating Michigan State, Illinois, Ohio State, and Purdue during the regular season, this team was an easy choice to select.

Temple- The Owls of Temple were seeded just right by the committee. They are the second best non-Big Six team behind New Mexico and they have just been playing great ball all season. They have had some bad losses to teams like Richmond and Charlotte during the season but they did beat Villanova, Virginia Tech, and Sienna during the season. This team is a scary team with an insane starting lineup including Juan Fernandez, Ryan Brooks, and Lavoy Allen.

Northern Iowa- Yes, I do think that Northern Iowa is very deserving of a number 9 seed compared to other schools. All year long Northern Iowa has dominated the Missouri Valley and has been tearing it up in the RPI rankings. They are ranked 17th and have had quality wins over teams like Iowa and Siena. Even though they do play in a weaker conference compared to other schools ranked higher they still are a major threat to teams like Kansas in the second round and maybe upsetting a tough UNLV team.


Florida- How in the world did Florida get a 10 seed? More importantly, how did they even get into the NCAA tournament field? During the season they have had some quality wins like against Michigan State and Tennessee, but then again they have had some bad losses to teams like Richmond, South Carolina, and South Alabama. And going 3-8 against RPI top 50, there's no way the committee got it right on this choice.

Illinois- This in my opinion, was the biggest snub of the NCAA tournament. Even though they did have an RPI of 73 they did have quite a lot of quality wins, like sweeping the number 4 seed Wisconsin during this season and beating a tough Michigan State team earlier in the year. If I was the Committee I would have for sure chosen the Fighting Illini over the Gators to be the last team in, or even a good Virginia Tech team that deserved to be in.

Duke-Speaking of bad seeding I do not agree with the committee on placing Duke as the number 3 team in the tournament field. Although I do agree they should be a number 1 seed over teams like Ohio State, West Virginia, and Kansas State, they still shouldn't be playing in the South when a more deserving team like Syracuse should. This choice was probably because of Arinze Onuaku getting injured during the Big East tournament. And even though Syracuse did lose to Georgetown they still did go through a tougher tournament game against Georgetown then Duke went through during the whole ACC tournament. This choice is just a confusing choice in my eyes.

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