Rafael Nadal, Video Star!

mimi simoneContributor IMarch 4, 2010

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 26:  Rafael Nadal of Spain talks to the media at a press conference after retiring from his quarterfinal match against Andy Murray of Great Britain during day nine of the 2010 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 26, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)
Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Don’t do it, Rafa!  Don’t give in to temptation. 

I’m glad Rafael Nadal found a pleasant diversion from his recuperation and found the time to interrupt his training regimen to film a video with the pop star, Shakira.  I have to admit Rafa was the perfect person to cast in the video.  He has the right mix of shy innocent boy and a little bit of gypsy look about him which fits in nicely with the title of the song, Gypsy. 

The premise of the video is intriguing.  Shakira dances around a Rafa who needs to be enticed by the “gypsy”; according to the lyrics of the song, Rafa needs to be persuaded to join her on her gypsy travels.  So Shakira has a 3 minute video and has a chance to lure Rafa away from the gypsy caravan of the tennis tour.

Shakira was trying her best to offer up a distraction to Rafa's disciplined, well ordered tennis career.  With self restraint, Rafa is seen in the video first watching calmly as Shakira dances around him trying to lure him to come with her.  Then you can see Rafa slowly warming up to her, reaching out to shyly take her hand, sharing a laugh.  When the video ends, Rafa has been completely won over and is shown passionately locking lips with a Shakira who has effectively won him over to travel the world with her and join her on her gypsy journey. 

I have to say, Rafa looks smoking hot in his T-shirt and jeans ensemble.  Typically a female pop star that goes the route of casting a male in the role of eye candy will during the course of the video persuade the male to offer up a shirtless scene and Shakira is no exception.  I don’t know which scene was hotter, shirtless Rafa with jeans or T-shirt Rafa with jeans. 

The last time I checked the Shakira video had 95,000+ hits on You tube and the video is getting rave reviews.   The song is pretty catchy as well.

Rafa is ever the gentleman for he had such nice things to say about working with Shakira. 

Don’t get distracted by off court time, Rafa.  We love to see you on the tennis court fighting the good fight.  I would make a guess that your recuperation is coming along nicely.  I saw the chase scene in the video where you caught up with a Shakira who was trying to make her escape from you. 

As for Rafa’s foray into the music video world, what can I say?  I came, I saw and I drooled.