Monday Morning Sports Headline Winner: Yahoo! Sports

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst IMarch 1, 2010

Much like last week, this weekend in sports was wrapped up with a nice, neat bow on it for headline writers.  In other words, there wasn’t much deliberation over what storyline would receive the premium headlining treatment.  That decision was made when the dream matchup of USA vs. Canada for Olympic gold lived up to its substantial hype, with Canada pulling out a dramatic 3-2 win on Sidney Crosby’s overtime goal. 

The players held their end of the bargain, meaning after the game it was time for the headline writers to do the same and cook up some gold medal-worthy puns to describe such a historic game.  There was no shortage across the interwebs…


But in the end, only one could take home the coveted title of Monday Morning’s Best Sports Headline and with their nonsensical play on the famous symbol of the victorious host nation, Yahoo! Sports has earned that distinction…


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